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[Latest] Funny Whatsapp Status Images Jokes Download HD

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Download here Latest Funny Images for Whatsapp status jokes in Hindi and use as profile pic or status, and easily save a photo in the gallery, these images are very funny in English and Hindi.

Funny Whatsapp Status Images

Funny Images For Whatsapp Status

As you all know in this busy life people felt to be happy and enjoy the life, because everyone has pressure of work, so they are busy in their work, but it is important to be happy, so you can share this funny images on their Whatsapp or Facebook accounts so that they can read this funny images quotes and feel pressure-free, and you can also add your status so that everyone can see it. So here I share some funny story and provide some funny images also.

Funny Whatsapp Status Images

एक लड़का एक लड़की के पीछे हाथ धो कर पड़ा था..परेशान होकर उस लड़की नेमुंह धोकर दिखा दियाकहानी ख़तम
Funny Whatsapp Status Images
Funny Whatsapp Status Images

Funny Whatsapp Status Images

Funny Whatsapp Status Images

Funny Whatsapp Status Images

Funny Whatsapp Status Images

Funny Whatsapp Status Images
बेटा : पापा बुलेट दिलवा दो..पापा : पड़ोसन की लड़की को देख बस से जाती है...बेटा : यही तो नहीं देखा जाता..! 

Funny Whatsapp Status Images
याद रखें...सिर्फ प्यार अँधा होता है...घर और मोहलेवाले नहीं

There was one big city, and there was high school, which is very famous in that city, everyone wants to join that school because if you get admission in that school you will respect from society, but it is famous so it is not an easy to get admission in that school.  To get admission candidates have to clear interview fist, if candidates pass that interview then he/she will get admission, v\but if not then not able to get admission. I hope you like this amazing Funny Whatsapp Status images in Hindi and English.

Funny Whatsapp Status Images
कल पड़ोसी से मिक्सर मांगी तो बोली यहीं आकर यूज कर लो ..आज वो झाड़ू मांगने आईतो मैंने भी कह दिया यहीं आकर यूज कर लो 

Funny Whatsapp Status Images
जहाँ गोरे होने वाली क्रीम काम नहीं करती है,वहाँ सरकारी नौकरी काम कर जाती है,इसलिए पढ़ लो बेटा नौकरी मिलेगी तो छोकरी भी मिल जाएगी 

Funny Whatsapp Status Images
पत्नी – तुम उस औरत को इतना घूर क्यो रहे होसमझदार पति -मै सोच रहा हूँ कि ये “बनारसी साडी” तुम पर कितनी अच्छी लगती ना… 

Funny Whatsapp Status Images
आज का ज्ञान,यदि पत्नी घर की लक्ष्मी है ,तोGirlfriend काला धन है.. 

Funny Whatsapp Status Images

Funny Whatsapp Status Images
 जितने गिरे हुए लोग मिले,अगर उतने गिरे हुए पैसे मिलते.. तोआज अमेरिका में मेरा भी फ्लैट होता…
Funny Whatsapp Status Images
लड़की: मैं तुम्हारे प्यार में लुट गयी, बदनाम हो गयी, बर्बाद हो गयी,लड़का : मैं तुम्हारे प्यार में कौन सा IAS बन गया,समोसे ही तो बेच रहा हूँ 

Funny Whatsapp Status Images
आज - कल तुम मुस्कुराती बहुत हो,मेरे दिल को भाती बहुत हो,दिल करता है ले जाऊँ तुम्हे डिनर पर,पर सुना है तुमखाती बहुत हो.. 

Funny Whatsapp Status Images

One family cames to live in that city, so they also like to get admission for there child in the best school, so they go for interview with their child, and finally, their chance comes, and father and his small girl enter in the room and sit on a chair in front of the Interviewer, and interview started.

Funny Whatsapp Status Images

Funny Whatsapp Status Images

Interviewer: What is your name?
Girl: Neha

Interviewer: Tell me anything, which you know.
Girl: I know many things, what do I tell you.

Interviewer: Ok, tell me a story or poem which you know.
Girl: First be clear sir, what you want to know, story or poem.

Interviewer: Oh, tell me a story.
Girl: Which story you want to listen, which I write that or which I read.

Interviewer: What? DO you write a story?
Girl: Yes, off course why not.

Interviewer: Wow, then tell a story which you write.
Girl: One-day Ravan comes, and kidnap Sita.

Interviewer: oh, then what?
Girl: Ram called hanuman for his help.

Interviewer: then.
Girl: Hanuman called his friend a superman.

Interviewer: But why?
Girl: Because between Srilanka and India there is a river, so superman can make him fast.

Funny Whatsapp Status Images

Interviewer: But, Hanuman knows flying, then why superman.
Girl: Yes, but he has a mountain in one hand, so he cannot fly fast like superman.

Girl: Should I continue or stop the story here.

Interviewer: Continue the story.
Girl: After reaching Lanka to help Sita, Sita says thanks to hanuman and superman.

Interviewer: Why Sita tell thanks?
Girl: You don't know if someone helps us we should thank that person.

Interviewer: Ok, then what.
Girl: Sita says to hanuman to call Hulk.

Interviewer: But Why?
Girl: Because Sita wants comfortable to sit.

Then the continues her story and added new film industry heros which she loves in the story.

Interviewer: How is this possible?
Girl: Its, my story, I can write anything.

At last, interviewer impressed by a girl, and give admission also. And tell everyone to listen always too small kids, they have mind-blowing imagination, by which they can do many things in future.

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I hope you like these funny Whatsapp status images, now use as Whatsapp status by downloading HD images jokes in Hindi and English and if you want more funny jokes like this then comment down below.

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