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The Government of Gujarat is constantly striving to ensure that school children can get a good education even in times of Koro epidemic.  Schools and colleges were closed when the government decided to lockdown during the Corona epidemic.  It was not possible for children to be deprived of education in such difficult times.  In order for the children not to be deprived of education, the government has made arrangements so that the children can get education from home.  As part of the children's education at home, a program called study from home was organized by the government.  Under the study from home program, students can take education with the help of various mediums.  This is a kind of e-learning program.Educational guidance is given to children through this blog.  Children who for some reason cannot watch the program in DD Girnar will be able to watch various educational programs through this blog.  These educational programs will be viewed by the students at their convenience.As part of this e-learning program, arrangements have been made by the government to enable children to take education from home.
  As a part of this planning, a weekly program has been organized by the government. As a part of this weekly planning, knowledge of various subjects is given to the students by the government from Monday to Friday.  These various subjects are academic subjects. These educational subjects have been organized monthly.  According to this monthly plan, the knowledge of the unit in which the unit is to be run is imparted through various channels.  Sarkar Shri imparts knowledge of various subjects to the students through DD Girnar channel and also through an application called Diksha Portal.
The timetable of standard 3 to 12 of the educational program to be aired by the Gujarat government on DD Girnar channel has been given.  The time table will be useful to all student friends.  This time table will be useful to students who are currently living and studying at home.  The government has announced a timetable for the month of August under the home learning program by the government when teachers in the Corona epidemic cannot teach children in school.

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