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The government has started a home learning program from today to ensure that students in grades 3 to 12 receive home-based education while school colleges are currently closed to curb the growing spread of the corona virus.  The event will be live on DD Girnar.  In which all the subjects of 3rd to 12th standard will be studied.in Gujarat, schools are closed due to lockdown and corona, but teachers are in a bad situation.  The state government assigns the teachers one job after another and keeps them busy.
The state government is also preparing to conduct home learning-based assessment tests for the first academic session this year, as classroom education is not available in state schools due to Corona and exams may have to be taken online in the first semester this year.  From July 1, schools will run full time as usual.

 According to a circular issued by the Office of the Director of Primary Education to all DPOs and Corporation School Management Boards in the state, schools have been ordered to remain full-time from July 1 tomorrow.

 In the same way that government schools run full time from 7:30 am to 12 noon every year from 1st July, now schools will run full time from 1st July tomorrow and now it has been circulated to run in this manner till 31st July.  As per the instructions of the government, preparations are underway to take an assessment test based on how much study has been done for children in Std. 3 to 8 based on home learning and how much study the child has done.

 The government has also instructed all DPOs to ensure the presence of teachers in government schools and the headmaster must call the required teachers compulsorily.  In addition, children living in the vicinity should be visited to help and guide them for home learning.
 As per the latest decision taken by the state government, teachers will now be employed for home learning in the state.  Teachers will now run a telephone campaign for home learning and will have to guide 15 students and parents by telephone every day.  Teachers do not run Laliawadi in this work, so the teachers will have to maintain a daily register of this contact.  In this register you have to write the details of who called and what happened.
The Department of Education has issued a notification regarding the effective implementation of home learning.  As per the guidelines of NCRT, each teacher has to contact 15 students or their parents in his classroom daily.  It will be the responsibility of the school principal to see that this contact is maintained on the day of registration.  The Education Inspector, BRC and CRC Coordinator will also do continuous monitoring.  District Primary Education Officers have been informed for strict implementation of this instruction.

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