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The home learning program will start from 15-6-2020. Home Learning allows students to get education from home, with the help of family members. Broadcasting can be done through DD Girnar and Vande Gujarat channel and also on GeoTV.  The time is 9:00 to 12:30 in the morning.   A virtual classroom is planned.  To ensure that children are not deprived of education, the teacher has to call his students every day and do homework with the book and learn from home learning and seek the help of local teachers to be monitored by CRC BRC.  Students need to learn something new in their studies.   1,13,000 online courses have been attended by teachers.  The main goal is for the student to learn useful things in life and move away from the bar.Home learning easy a useful project for students for this situation student student can easy to learn at home and education process to continue to learning process in this situation. gcert also provide all all subject material. How to use it home work home learning also teacher are connected and track the situation of material learning teacher can use Microsoft teams and know a process of no progress of of home learning materials this material is useful to student in the situation all subject Gujarati in the Hindi Sanskrit maths science social science and also standard of standard 1 Standard 2 standard 3 standard 4 standard 5 Standard 6 standard 7 Standard 8 also provide all material to standard 9 standard 10 standard 10 standard 11 and standard 12 also including the activities of education student play and learn at home... colleges are closed in this epidemic of corona virus.  Even if the school is closed in this epidemic situation, the education of the children will not be carried out.  Gujarat Government has released a program called study from home so that children can study from home e Learning Video: Regarding the time schedule for the month of August 2020 under the educational work to be aired on Doordarshan Kendra-DD Girnar channel regarding “Home Learning”The academic year started from June 3, 2020. Due to the current epidemic of corona, it is not possible to call students to schools for educational work. So that for the educational work of the students from the state level for Std-6 to 8, Std-6 to 8 and Std-6 to 12 students prepared content based video / educational lessons through TV i.e. Doordarshan Kendra-DD. It has been started from Girnar channel from 15th June 2020. Education Department has started the Home Learning Program for the children of Gujarat to study through television. Because of Corona’s vacation from school, children now study at home. Videos for standard 3 to 12 children are published daily through the DD Girnar channel. The children watching this video can take advantage of the study while sitting at home. As the prevalence of online study has increased in Gujarat, children of Gujarat government schools can also take advantage of online study.The Home Learning Program will be very useful for children’s study when the Gujarat Education Department has decided to close schools till August 15. 
The home learning program has been started from 15th June for children of standard 3 to 12. In addition to DD Girnar, the program can be viewed on Bisag, JIO TV, YouTube, and Diksha Portal. In this article, I put a link to the video that I publish every day.

Everyday , students will be provided Home Learning study material via social media platforms and DD Girnar for the next August 2020.Home Learning Study materials video Std 4 DD Girnar/Diksha portal video @ https://diksha.gov.in/, Home Learning Study materials video Std 3 to 12 DD Girnar/Diksha portal video. Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) is a leading state. The latest Tweets from Doordarshan Girnar (@ddgirnarlive). ... Home Learning Classes : Educational Program.Here all the information related to primary and secondary education is kept. Such as Bhashadip Book Solution, Sva Adhyayanpothi Solution, STD 1 To 12 Model Papers, Answer Key, Academic Circulars, all useful information for students and study material for every subject such as ... Except for Gujarati Study Material, Hindi Subject Study Material, Science Study Material, Mathematics Study Material, English Study Material, material for all types of literature and subjects is put here. Useful information for primary and secondary teachers, computer Rise files or leaflets which are used for teachers and all other information, all the information that is useful in the study are kept here. Teachers and students can get all the information they need from here and they can comment here and give feedback about the information as well as ask for the information they need. cpolicy.in is a web portal for educational news and information.

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