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The state government had ordered the students not to attend school in view of the core malaise.  However, a free online study platform has been created for students studying in Std. 3 to 12 across the state so that the study process is not disrupted.

 From today, students from all over the state including Bharuch district will be able to study from home on Vande Gujarat channel through DD Girnar and Byseg.  The schedule of DD Girnar's educational programs has been published so that the students can prepare the subject matter in a timely manner and learn effectively in online study.  In which only students of Std. 9 for the first 6 days will be able to study from 12 to 1 in the afternoon. Students of Std. 9 will be able to study from 21st June while programs for Std. 10 students will not be published on DD Girnar.  Only Std 12 students will be able to study for 8 days starting from 3 to 4 in the afternoon, not Std 11 students.  For the next 5 consecutive days, Std 11 students will be able to watch the program on DD Girnar, not Std 12. Educational programs will be published on various channels of Vande Gujarat by Byseg. Besides, programs will also be uploaded on the Board's YouTube channel 'GSHSEB Gandhinagar'  Study material will have to be delivered to all the schools through the District Education Officer.  The principal of the school has been entrusted with the responsibility of informing parents and students about the home learning program.
The online study of Std. 9-10 will be from 12 to 1 and Std. 11-12 from 3 to 4 p.m.

 The Board of Education has published a timetable for the students of Std. 9 to 12 of the broadcast on DD Girnar starting from today.  Students of standard 9-10 will be able to watch the educational program from 12 noon to 1 pm.  Students in Std. 11-12 will be able to do home learning from 3 to 4 in the afternoon.  The Department of Education has announced an educational broadcast program from June 15 to 30.  From today till 20th June only Std.10 and till 22nd June only Std.12 chapters will be broadcast.
 this circumstances of covid-19 , educational institutes are facing o much trouble. Government also try to solve the issue of learning for students.In this situation Gujarat educational department has announced DD Girnar std 3 to 12 time table for home learning.According to ssa Gujarat and educational department of Gujarat every student is special. Government has decided to launch TV programs for students of standard third to twelfth. students Will learn from the tv in the DD Girnar news channel at their home. All the schools and all the Educational Institutes are closed in this covid-19 situation. but students learning and education is the man and most important for their growth. so it’s our duty to provide them all the necessary requirements for their educational growth. online education is the powerful tool for the Educational Institutes and for the government to provide online education to the students. in this program DD Girnar Channel  will telecast  educational programme for the students to learn from their home.TV is easily available source for all the parents and students of Gujarat government has decided to telecast educational program in television. government has declared a time table for the educational program which  will telecast in television.In this era of Technology online education is easily available. from the  any corner of the world any students can learn at their  home. mobile phone is the main tool for online education. there are so many useful applications are available on internet to study from home .These applications are providing video lectures ,PDF materials, MCQ quiz, and many other learning materials in different different forms.Schools are also try to connect With students  using WhatsApp and other social media apps. their aim is to provide students lots of learning material at the doorstep. below we will see  the timetable of Gujarat government which is announced by government for students to learn at their home.

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