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Supplementary Literature for Students of Std. 9th to 12th Due to the current epidemic of Koro, it is not possible to start academic work by calling students in schools.  In the present situation, if the students are given supplementary literature along with the text book, the students can study more rehearsals at home. For this purpose, Gujarat State Textbook Board, Gandhinagar has prepared Std.  Mathematical supplementary literature in PDF format is sent by the office here on the first Saturday of every month as per the syllabus of the month.  It is to be noted that a copy of this supplementary literature has been delivered to the Std. 9 and 10 and Std. 11 12 science streams through the teachers.

This supplementary literature prepared by Gujarat State Textbook Board for 9th to 12th will prove to be very useful for all students. Supplementary literature will be very useful for students who are not able to reach school level at present.  At present when the schools and colleges are closed due to this epidemic, every effort is made by the government to ensure that all the students studying in the school can study at home.  Supplementary literature is prepared on every Saturday of the month. Literature reaches the children through various mediums. Efforts are made by the teachers with the help of BRC and CRC. Literature is delivered to the teachers  It is more desirable for students to have supplementary literature.

, Such supplementary literature has also been prepared by the Government for the students studying in Std. 10 with the help of State Textbook Board.  If the supplementary literature is also published by the State Textbook Board on the first Saturday of every month, keep visiting our site to get the supplementary literature of standard 10.

The government is also very concerned about students who are currently studying in 11 sciences.  In order not to spoil the study of student friends studying in 11 sciences, the government has also prepared this supplementary literature for them with the help of State Textbook Board. Click on the link below to get the literature.

Student friends studying in Std. 12 Science stream who are currently preparing Physics, Biology, Maths, Chemistry, our literature also proves to be very useful for the students.  I have prepared such supplementary literature for the students under the study from the program.  Click on the link below to get the supplementary literature for the students of Std. 12 Science stream.

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