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August month EKam kasotI Paper solution

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August month EKam kasotI  Paper solution

Car of Corona Epidemic by Gujarat Govt. of Gujarat through home learning video
In this regard, in the month of August, the Gujarat Department of Education has tried to put the paper solution of Class 3 to 8 on our site to facilitate students to visit our sahib by organizing unit test for students of Class 3 to 12

In the exam, the other person's will always matters, the children study throughout the year, but someone else makes the paper and someone else also checks. The fear of the exam is such that even big people run away in the name of the exam.  If we try to understand the psychology of the exam, we find that at a given time, the whole year of study will be examined in just three hours.  Stay balanced and prepare for the exam  What is the stress of the exam? If you ask this question to any student, then according to him, this is the biggest stress in the world. He has worked hard all year. But now he is getting frustrated. I don't know what will happen?  Now that the exams are approaching and there are only a few days left, it is natural that curiosity, nervousness and stress are created in children and parents.  By the way, if there is less time left and there is a long way to go, then the driver has to learn to increase the speed, but he also has to be careful not to have an accident.  You also have to make sure that it has the capacity you want to run it  There is less time left and of course more, so what to do and what not to do is an important topic

August month EKam kasotI  Paper solution

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 And if this is a board exam, it is not uncommon to have stress. But with a few things in mind, children can avoid stress and do well in their exams.

 <What to do students

 1 * It is important to set goals for the exam.  Set your goal by looking at your potential.  Otherwise there will be disappointment later.  If you have been passing till 9th ​​class with 65 question marks, then keep your target of 65 to 75 question marks.  Aiming for 85 or 90 question marks will get you lost.

 2 * Remember, no child can get good marks by reading for several hours continuously.  No need to be a bookworm.  Take some time along with studies for other tasks.  It is also important to be stressed during the exam, but not so much that you cannot remember what you have read  Every student has his own body clock  Some like to read at night, some like in the morning  Understand your body clock and act accordingly  Never read thinking that your friend reads for a long time, you just think how long you can read?  After 45 to 50 minutes of continuous reading, take a break of 5 to 10 minutes

 3 * Morning walks as well as a little exercise and sports are also necessary.  This gives new agility to the body, which is very important for physical and mental development.

 4 * Entertainment is an essential part of our lives.  Reduce entertainment time on exam days, but do not isolate yourself completely from the world of entertainment.  Take some time to watch light music, light comedy movies or serials.  Remember that recreation time should be like salt in food, neither too much nor too little  6 hours of sleep is very important for the body  So also give proper rest to the body

 5 * If the parents have set a very difficult goal in front of you, you feel that you will not be able to achieve it, then tell them in clear words that you will try but this goal is bigger than your ability.  If they still impose it on you again and again, don't make it a question of honor.  Patiently do as much as you can.  Avoid unnecessary stress.

 6 * Students reduce exam stress and adopt positive thinking  There is little time left for the exam  Instead of starting a new chapter, read carefully what you have read  Pay equal attention to food as well as studies  Even after explaining lakhs, there is still tension in the minds of students regarding the exam  In this condition the brain needs more oxygen, which is possible only with proper catering

 Eat food not just twice but several times at regular intervals  Be sure to drink water every one hour and also eat grapes, apples, raisins, peanuts, oranges, soybeans, spinach, dates, honey and jaggery.  Avoid spicy food

 Worry, but not so much that you forget everything  If you consider studies as a burden, you will never get meaningful results

 7 ** If you are stressed or you are feeling nervous or restless, tell a family member or a close friend immediately.  Call a helpline if you think no one will listen.  They will guide you.  Special helplines are started for children on exam days.  Their information is found in all the newspapers.

 8 * While studying in your table - study with a smile, doing so speeds up the blood circulation in the brain.  Both the mind and the mind are under your control and they will work twice as fast  Everything feels good when we are happy  In the same way, take the exam happily  Understand that it is time to show what you have learned throughout the year. If you still do not agree, then put your hand on your heart and say all is well.

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