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August month Ghare Shikhiye book

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August month Ghare Shikhiye book

Ghare Sikh has published a book titled Ghare Sikh in the month of August by Gujarat Education Department. All students and teachers should take note that this book will be given to the students in the school. This book will be useful for reading and for unit test.

E-learning, unlike our traditional learning, is a different type of learning theory, in which we get online education using electronic device like computer or mobile phone.  We can also call it the employment of technology i.e. “employment of technology”.

Ghare Shikhiye Book 
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July 2020
 AUGUST 2020
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E-learning has many benefits and it can change your learning experience.  Today if you want information about an area, you can search it on the internet.
 So is e-learning better than traditional education?  Will the education system completely change after the arrival of e-learning.  You will get answers to many such questions in this article.  Let's start with what is e-learning?  Understand this well, then we will talk about the other aspects of it.

August month Ghare Shikhiye book

Std. 1 Ghare Shikhiye Book : From Here
Std. 2 Ghare Shikhiye Book : From Here
Std. 3 Ghare Shikhiye Book : From Here
Std. 4 Ghare Shikhiye Book : From Here
Std. 5 Ghare Shikhiye Book : From Here
Std. 6 Ghare Shikhiye Book : From Here
Std. 7 Ghare Shikhiye Book : From Here
Std. 8 Ghare Shikhiye Book : From Here

This means, "at the same time", that is, learners and instructors interact with each other from different places at the same time.  In this way, on learning a subject, you are able to ask your questions immediately, so that your doubts are clear.  That is why it is also called real-time learning.  With the help of many online tools in this type of e-earning, learning resources are provided to the students.  Some examples of synchronous e-learning include audio and video conferencing, live chat, virtual classroom, webinars etc.  Is included.  These methods have become more popular in the last few years.

This means, "not at a time", that is, there is no concept to intract in real time between learners and instructors.  Rather information already exists.  For example, web-based training in which we can do an online course, blogs, websites, video tutorials, e-books, forums etc.  With the help of  Such is the biggest advantage of e-learning, that we can access the information 24 × 7 whenever we want.  This is the reason, some students prefer to learn through asynchronous e-learning.

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