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Fun book in simple language for kids

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 Fun book in simple language for kids

 Through this book young children are taught big ABCD small ABCD is given understanding through goal rounds is also given understanding through animals and things family information is also given information about writing English names in Gujarati is explained in this book small  Children are taught to read and write English fast

English is very important in our lives.  Nowadays people who do not know English language find themselves backward.  English is the third most spoken language in the world while Mandarin (Chinese) and Spanish are the most spoken languages ​​in the world.  English is spoken in 67 countries.

 The importance of English has increased a lot in our country.  English medium schools have opened everywhere.  Every parent wants their child to speak English.  Nowadays most of the things related to computer are in English.  English is also increasingly used on social media.

 The importance of English is also very high for getting a job.  20% of the world's population speaks English.  English is a language that connects us to the world.

English speaking people in the country are considered superior.  Nowadays there is a flood of English speaking institutions.  English speaking courses are being conducted in every small town.  All parents dream that their children will speak English

Fun book in simple language for kids

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The English language has special importance in the field of education.  All higher education courses such as Engineering Medical MBA IIT Chartered Accountant LLB Advocacy Computer Education Information Technology are in the English language.  Books are also in English language.  Therefore, reading English has become more important for students.

 The importance of English language increases because it is also a computer language.  Everything computer software coding graphic designing social media everything is in English.  Therefore, its importance increases even more.  Nowadays social media has spread all over the world.  Everybody uses social media.  They are forced to learn English.

The practice of English in India started after the arrival of the British.  English Medium School started opening here.  Education which was earlier given in Hindi is now being given in English.

English is no less than a boon for students because nowadays all the exams are conducted in English language.  Apart from this, many students of India go abroad and get education.  In such a situation, the importance of English increases a lot.  Because education in English language is taught abroad.

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