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SARAL DATA Android App. And a link to download the guide's pdf.

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SARAL DATA Android App.  And a link to download the guide's pdf.

The unit test marks taken from this year have been implemented through innovative means for entry. The unit test marks entry has to be done by scanning the table given in the unit test book with the mobile application.  Is

  The marks will have to be entered using the application as per the states shown in this guide

The UGC NET exam conducted twice a year by NTA (National Testing Agency) is being conducted between December 2 to 6.  The exam consists of two sections.  Those are called Paper-1 and Paper-2.  Candidates get 3 hours to solve 150 questions of both the sections.  Paper-1 is common for candidates of every subject.  Here is a practice paper of Paper-1, through which you can assess your preparation.

SARAL DATA Android App.  And a link to  download the guide's pdf.

a.  Deductive reasoning is sometimes called logic that goes above the base.
 B.  It is a logical process in which conclusions are based on adherence to several assumptions that are generally considered to be true.
 C. deductive reasoning goes from special to general.
 D. Adam Smith is said to be the father of deductive reasoning power.

a.  Effective communication is essential for a well-run classroom.
 B.  A teacher must use an aggressive tone for effective communication.
 C. Use of various techniques in communication is essential for effective communication.
 D. Effective communication in the classroom requires careful use of non-verbal cues.

.  Student's test.
 B.  Determining the effectiveness of the program taught.
 C. Motivating students to learn more.
 D. To identify the problem which impedes the attainment of the set goals.

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