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Today's news
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The newspaper comes to us daily in the morning and gets a lot of information by reading it, due to which it gives us many facilities.  The newspaper is gaining a lot of fame in all fields due to its increasing importance day by day, whether that field is backward or in advanced society people know about their level of knowledge and current events, especially politics and Bollywood.  Stay more excited for.  It is very important for students to read newspapers, as it gives general information about all.  It also helps us to pass the technical or competitive exam for any of their government or non-government jobs.

Reading newspapers is an act of great interest.  If someone becomes fond of reading it regularly, then he / she can never stop reading the newspaper.  This is great for students because it teaches us to speak English correctly.  Newspapers have now become very famous even in backward areas of the country.  A person speaking any language can read a newspaper as it is published in various languages ​​such as Hindi, English, Urdu etc.  Newspaper is very important for all of us because it brings hundreds of news from corners of the world to us.
News is our first interest and attraction.  Without newspapers and news, we are nothing more than a fish without water.  India is a democratic country, where the people rule their country, so it is very important for them to know all the activities of politics.  In the modern technological world, where everything depends on high technology, news and news are also available on computer and internet.  Using the Internet, we can get all the information of the world.  Newspapers are the best way to raise awareness in general public about any social issue.  With this, it is the best way to communicate between the general public and the government of the country.
Newspapers are very important in today's popular system.  Newspapers are a means of enlightenment, so we should make a habit of studying them regularly.  Life is incomplete in today's age without newspapers.  In today's time, the importance of news has increased a lot because in today's modern era, what the rulers are most afraid of is newspapers.
A newspaper is a very powerful device that develops a person's confidence and personality.  It is the best means of dialogue between people and the world.  It is the most important medium of knowledge.  It is the best source for gaining more knowledge and information as well as increasing the level of efficiency.  It is available in almost all areas, with its price being very low.  We can easily reach the newspapers.  For this, we only need to pay for this by contacting the organization of any newspaper.  It is published in various languages ​​of the country.  Many people wait for the newspaper with great courage every morning.
The newspaper positively affects the people of the society because in today's time all people are interested in knowing the current events of the country.  Newspapers are the best form of engagement between the government and the people.  It gives people the details of all the big and small news of the whole world.  It makes the people of the country aware of the rules, laws and rights.  Newspapers are very important for students, as it specifically tells about general knowledge of national and international level and current events.  It gives us information about all the happiness, developments, new technologies, researches, astronomical and changes in weather, natural environment etc.
If we make a habit of reading newspapers regularly on a daily basis, it helps us a lot.  It develops the habit of reading in us, improves our effectiveness and gives us all information about the outside.  Some people have a habit of reading the newspaper every morning.  They become very restless in the absence of the newspaper and feel some loneliness throughout the day.

Today's news

Divya Bhaskar
Gujarat Samachar
Gujarat Samachar e-Paper
Sandesh e-Paper
Bombay Samachar
Jai Hind
Gujarat Mitra
Nav Gujarat Samay
Aaj Kaal
Gujarat Today
Sardar Gurjari
Kutch Mitra
Aankho Dekhi
Sanj Samachar




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 Students preparing for competitive exams also read newspapers regularly to keep their minds connected to current current events.  Newspapers publish a lot of news as per the choice of everyone under the catchy headline line, so nobody bothers with it.  We should continue to read various newspapers and at the same time encourage other family members and friends to read newspapers.
We have many advantages from reading newspapers.  We get new knowledge of all kinds of incidents happening in the country and abroad through newspapers.  We get information about new research, new discoveries and new news from newspapers only.  We get necessary and important information from government information, commands and advertisements published in it, if an accident like earthquake or flood happens, then we get instant information through newspapers.  With this, the newspaper has become a business.  Which provides employment to thousands of editors, writers, reporters and other employees.

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