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When the Gujarat government declared a holiday in the school due to corona, the biggest concern to the government was the study of children. Children could not come to school as schools were closed. Neither the government nor the teachers nor the parents of the children were allowed to stop the study of the children under any circumstances. The government has made arrangements for the children to study at home. The main purpose of the Learn at Home booklet is home learning. With the help of Learn at Home, children have to sit at home and write answers to questions based on various activities on their own with the help of their parents. In this booklet children first have to do various activities to answer the questions under this activity. Each teacher is given a variety of activities and questions in the booklet based on the study conclusions that the DJ comes up with in the first session.The knowledge gained by the student through home learning is also tested in this way and various forms have to be filled based on it. The main purpose of this blog is to provide you with all the guidance about home learning. Our sincere efforts to ensure that students studying in primary, secondary and higher secondary schools can get education easily and at the same time get all the guidance about home learning through this blog. Is. With a spirit of help through these efforts you will find all kinds of help with the help of this blog. The main purpose of the blog is to provide you with all kinds of learning literature as well as all kinds of literature related to education. Can get education.Schools and colleges have been closed for a long time due to the coronavirus. The Home Learning Project has been implemented by the Government to ensure that the education of the children is not adversely affected and the children continue to get education. The schedule for home learning is issued by the Government every month.

This time sheet is first gergely prepared to be taken from taluka and district level and delivered to school level.  The Government has made arrangements for all the students from Std. 3 to Std. 12 and now from Std. 1 to Std. 12 to get education at home.  It is not possible for children to be deprived of education.  Due to which efforts are being made for the education of the children after taking the help of can and education officials as well as good teachers.  A children's home learning education system has been implemented so that children can sit at home and take education in an orderly manner.  Home learning education system is implemented through various e-materials to deliver school age material.  The teacher has created various whatsapp groups of students in the school. Arrangements have been made to reach out to the children of this attack. The government also knows that when a child learns something, it is also necessary to evaluate it properly.  A book called Learn at Home has also been arranged to test the students through which they can know what they have learned.
October timetable paripatra 

Standard 1 /2 time table 

Standard 3/4 time table

Standard 6 to 8 time table

Standard 9 to 12 time table

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