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When the Gujarat State Government has declared Diwali vacation in schools, here is a sample so that children can sit at home and do lessons during this 21-day Diwali vacation.  Through homework, children will be able to sit at home and study on their own as well as reinforce the study done.This homework will prove to be very important to know how much the child has received while the children have been studying at home for a long time by Sarkar Shri and through various mediums. During the Diwali vacation period announced by Sarkar Shri  This homework is given for those who can study. In homework, homework is made in such a way that children from Std. 

 Children will be able to study with interest through this homework.The government has given Diwali vacation in schools at present. In pursuance of the circular issued by the government, vacation has been declared in schools from 29/10/2020. This vacation will last for 20 days.  This homework will be very important to keep.The homework given here covers various subjects. The homework is given here so that the students can acquire knowledge of all the subjects and also test the knowledge acquired.  

It is very important that the student can test the knowledge he has acquired.  The student will be able to properly test the knowledge he / she has acquired.  At the same time the student will be able to do this homework by making proper use of the knowledge he has acquired.Students will have to do this home work through a different study during the first session. Students can do themselves by using the literature that has their own work.


The home work student is provided with the homework that is available in the home work that is available in the home work, using the home work that is available in the way that the book or literature is available. The home work students made available here are prepared in the way they can do.Through this homework, students will be able to test the knowledge they have acquired in the first semester. This homework will help students who do not want to stop their studies and want to study continuously.

Through this homework students will be able to update their knowledge by doing homework to different types of classes.Homework is given to the students during Diwali vacation whenever schools start. During this time when there is a lockdown situation in Corona, a homework has also been prepared here so that the students can continue their studies.  This work applies to all children from Std. 1 to 8. This lesson will be very useful for all the students who want to continue their studies and who are studying in Std. 1 to 8.With the help of this you can get information about DD Girnar's timetable, paper solution of various unit tests, information about paper solution, information about different types of mathematics-science subject experiments, information of various intellectual literature.

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