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Fuel charge reduced in electricity bill - See details of the announcement made by the state government

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Fuel charge reduced in electricity bill - See details of the announcement made by the state government

 An important decision of Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani in the interest of the power consumers of the state. The fuel surcharge collected from the consumers by the state government owned power companies has been reduced by 19 paise per unit.  An announcement has been made by Energy Minister Shri Saurabhbhai Patel that this will provide relief to consumers to the tune of Rs 356 crore over the next three months.

 Gujarat Energy Minister Saurabhbhai Patel has said that the state government led by Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has taken various decisions in the interest of the consumers so that the consumers consuming electricity in the state get electricity at cheaper rates and the burden of power generation cost does not fall on the consumers.  The state government has decided to reduce the fuel surcharge charged by power companies from consumers by 19 paise per unit.

 As a result, more than 1.40 crore customers in the state will get a three-month relief of Rs 356 crore.

 At the same time, the Energy Minister added that in addition to the energy charge in the electricity bill, a dual surcharge is levied on the consumers consuming electricity. The recovery of this fuel surcharge is based on the formula prescribed by the Hon'ble Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission.  During the last quarter i.e. during the quarter from July 2020 to September 2020, all the four power distribution companies under Gujarat Energy Development Corporation Limited were charging fuel surcharge at the rate of Rs 2.00 per unit.  Against this, fuel surcharge is levied at the rate of Rs 1.81 per unit during the quarter of October 2020 to December 2020.

Thus, the reduction in fuel surcharge by 12 paise per unit in this quarter over the previous quarter was mainly due to the availability of cheap coal in the international market as well as the availability of cheap gas. This reduction will provide a relief of Rs 2 crore to power consumers.

 Minister Patel added that the main reason for the reduction in fuel surcharge is that during this quarter, the state government has purchased gas at cheaper rates in the interest of consumers and has produced gas based power which has reduced the cost of power generation.  This means that more than 1.40 crore consumers will get this benefit directly, which will reduce their electricity bills and reduce the bill, he added.

Paripatra to share best practice under "My Effort - Changing Challenges to Results".  The efforts made by the state government under "Home Learning" to enable children to receive home-based education due to the Corona epidemic are being implemented very well by the teachers of the state.  In addition, home learning is being made more effective by self-innovating methods and literature by many primary and secondary school teachers.

 Some principals and teacher friends have also tried to provide TV or smart phones to the students by raising funds.  Such a best practice by the entire education where the teacher / principal / CRC / BRC COO has made efforts to make digital education quality for the students by compiling the details and making it available to schools across the state is under consideration.

 Any initiative taken by the Primary and Secondary School Teacher Friends / Principal / CRC Beeper C Co.O.Shri which has benefited the students, has used any resources for the maximum benefit of "Home Learning" to the students,

 If any attempt has been made to distribute educational literature to as many students as possible, or if any innovative start-up for the benefit of students has been started, the page along with its details should be uploaded on Facebook-Workplace by 15th December 2020.  The above matter should be reported to all the teacher friends of your district, Principal, CRC / BRC Co.O.

Fuel charge reduced in electricity bill - See details of the announcement made by the state government


The commissioner has directed the schools to take action as per the rules on the issue of compulsory and permanent appointment of teachers of physical education and art (painting) and music subjects in schools.  Please be informed.

Education News, Parents will decide when schools are to open. Gujarat State School Administrators Federation sent instructions to the government to start schools.

 Fuel charge reduced in electricity bill - See details of the announcement made by the state government

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