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Regarding joining the "Home Learning Online Course" for the members of SMC / SMDC.

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Subject: Regarding joining the "Home Learning Online Course" for the members of SMC / SMDC. 
 What is the role of parents in "Home Learning", how to use different mediums of "Home Learning", how to use Diksha App to create awareness among SMC / SMDC members about various endeavors like teacher friends.  For the purpose of COVID-19, a certificate course has been prepared by the entire Shiksha Gandhinagar to clarify the understanding of home learning program for the members of SMC / SMDC, which will be launched from October 2, 2020. The above mentioned members of SMC / SMDC "  After completing the home-based education for the students, they should also discuss with other parents in their area where they live and encourage them to do this course as well.  Ksha is asked to give to relatives.


  Home Learning let do Page 1 To join this course, one can join from the initiation platform, the duration of the course is only 30 minutes.  Upon completion of the course all the members of SMC / SMDC will get their own certificate.  In view of the above, inform the members of all the primary and secondary schools (SMC / SMDC) in your district and ensure that the various matters given in the course are useful in the development of students' education.  So you can also connect from mobile number. You can go to this course by clicking on the link given below and QR Code.

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