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The entire country is locked down due to the spread of Corona virus in India.  The children of the school are also following the lock-down in their home at this time.  The government is concerned about school children even in such an epidemic.  That is why the school is doing a great job of preparing the study material and delivering the study material to your children to the teachers of the school.Apart from the various programs aired on DD Girnar, children can also easily take advantage of home-based education with the help of Diksha application.  Arrangements have also been made for the children who are not able to avail the benefit of Diksha application to watch the programs aired on DD Girnar through youtube channel.  Has come.  As per the guideline of the government, all the teachers of the school follow the social distance, wear masks on the face and follow the policy and rules of the government, meet the children and continue to give educational guidance to the children. 


 With the help of our site, continuous efforts are being made to ensure that your children continue to get education as per the guidelines of the government. In Gujarat, schools are closed due to lockdown and corona, but teachers are in a bad situation.  The state government assigns the teachers one job after another and keeps them busy.

 As per the latest decision taken by the state government, teachers will now be employed for home learning in the state.  Teachers will now run a telephone campaign for home learning and will have to guide 15 students and parents by telephone every day.  Teachers do not run Laliawadi in this work, so the teachers will have to maintain a daily register of this contact.  In this register you have to write the details of who called and what happened. This blog will be useful for students who want to get their education. Students who want to get academic knowledge and students who want to get knowledge of different subjects will be able to get different subjects and different educational knowledge through this channel.  This teaching knowledge will also help children to take different types of unit tests and write their answers.The Government of Gujarat is constantly striving to ensure that school children can get a good education even in times of Koro epidemic.  Schools and colleges were closed when the government decided to lockdown during the Corona epidemic.  It was not possible for children to be deprived of education in such difficult times.  In order for the children not to be deprived of education, the government has made arrangements so that the children can get education from home.  As part of the children's education at home, a program called study from home was organized by the government.  Under the study from home program, students can take education with the help of various mediums.  This is a kind of e-learning program.  The government has started a home learning program from today to ensure that students in grades 3 to 12 receive home-based education while school colleges are currently closed to curb the growing spread of the corona virus.  The event will be live on DD Girnar.  In which all the subjects of 3rd to 12th standard will be studied.

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