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The Government has made changes in the rules of transfer in today's new letter. As per the instructions given in today's circular, many changes have been made in the rules of transfer.In today's transfer circulars by the government, it is stated that from now on, if there are more teachers of Std. 1 to 5, their transfer can be done only in Std. As per the circular dated 26/10/2020 dated 26/10/2020 by the Government of India, it has been decided that for the transfer of primary school teachers, consecutive establishment will not be considered.

 In the circular issued on 26/10/2020 regarding fluctuations and spousal cases, the Government has stated that if the husband or wife of an employee on duty in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad courts or an employee on duty at Gandhinagar who does not have a replaceable job in another district.

If they have a job, they can be transferred and they can come to Gandhinagar district. The amendment bill states that the services of the Secretariat of the Government of Gujarat, the Gujarat Legislative Secretariat, the Gujarat Public Service Commission and the services of the Hon'ble Gujarat High Court have been appointed in accordance with the approved recruitment system.

If the husband and wife are performing duty as a teacher education assistant in a primary school run by the District Town Education Committee, the teacher education assistant may be transferred taking into account the vacancies available in the district of the place of replacement duty of his husband and wife. The posts of the Head of Department at Gandhinagar exist only at Gandhinagar and the services of the officer working on the post are not transferable in any other state except Gandhinagar and they are not transferable in any other state except Gandhinagar.

Even in case of satisfaction, their replacement can be transferred taking into consideration the available space in the district of the place of duty. You will not have to take into consideration the place of duty during the deputation of the concerned officer-employee in any of the cases mentioned in the rest. In all such cases, the power to transfer by conducting the necessary verification will be given as a transfer district c This benefit will be available only once during the entire service. Thank you for filling up the vacancies in written form within the limit of not exceeding fifty percent of the total vacancies of the district during the academic year. For these vacancies any academic year Will have to take into account the situation after the setup is finalized.If the high-primary qualification teachers in standard 6 to 8, they will be changed to the teacher of the primary department, which is in the same school, in the same school, in the same school, in the same school. For the purpose of replacing, the standard 1 to 5 and standard 6 to 8 will have to be different from the cinnie. The teacher will be changed to many other schools in the last few years of the division of which is more than 1 to 5 and standard 6 to 8. The subject of which the teacher is more about standard 6 to 8, will have to be placed right in the school. The standard 6 to 8 eligible learning teacher in standard 6 to 8 in the standard 6 to 8 of the qualifications of qualifications from the qualification of 5 to 5 will not be placed in standard 1 to 5.

Read This Paripatra 28/10/2020 

If the teacher is a student from school, he / she has to first fill the vacancy of the department subject in his / her school's pay center school. That section will not be included in the subject vacancy schools.Transfer to be done after merging of schools. When the number of students in the District Town Education Committee or any other reason is transferred to another school, the students should be sent to another school.  And the new establishment of Std. 6 to 8 has to be approved. Considering the date of admission in the concerned school, a common seniority list of teachers of both the schools has to be prepared.  To make common list in the same way to make a list of common seniority based on the date of admission in the school keeping in view the subject of teachers of both the schools of Std.

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