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Asht laxmi aur usake mantr

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By the grace of Goddess Lakshmi, man gets wealth and wealth and happiness.  There are eight different forms of Maa Lakshmi, which is called Ashtalakshmi.  Worshiping Ashtalakshmi eliminates all the problems of man and he attains prosperity, wealth, fame, opulence and prosperity.  Know these eight forms of Lakshmi ji i.e. Ashtalakshmi's secret -

Adi Lakshmi |  Adi lakshmi

 Have you ever wondered how you came to this world?  what is your age?  30,40,50 years?  Where was I 50 years ago?  Where is my source  What is my origin?  Who am I?  -35-40-50 years later, this body will not last!  Where will i go  Where i come from?  Have I come here or am I here all the time?  The knowledge of our origin, this knowledge of the source is Adi Lakshmi. Then Narayan is very close.  A person who has knowledge of the source becomes free from all fear and attains contentment and pleasure.  This is Adi Lakshmi.  Adi Lakshmi is only with the learned and those who have Adilakshmi, they also have knowledge.

 Dhan Lakshmi |  Dhana lakshmi

 Everyone knows about Dhan Lakshmi.  The man commits wrongdoing due to want of wealth and lack of money.  Many people do wrong things like violence, theft, fraud due to want of money, but do not wake up to see that I have.  Dhan Lakshmi does not come with force, even if she comes, she does not give pleasure, but only she gives sorrow.  Some people consider wealth only as Lakshmi and make it their goal to collect money.  Collect money till death and die by placing money in the bank.  Those who target wealth remain unhappy.  There are some people who blame wealth.  No money, they are fine, money is not good, it is spoiled by money, these are all misconceptions.  Respect wealth, make good use, then wealth becomes Lakshmi.  Worship her like Lakshmi.  It is said that Lakshmi is very fickle, that is, she keeps moving.  If it lasts, its value does not go on; if it remains closed then it has no value.  Therefore, use the money properly, be respectful.


 Vidya Lakshmi |  Vidya Lakshmi

 If you look at the pictures of Lakshmi and Saraswati, you will see that Lakshmi is mostly placed in lotus over water.  Water is unstable i.e. Lakshmi is also fickle like water.  Saraswati, the goddess of learning, is placed on a stone in a stable place.  When knowledge comes, there is stability in life.  We can also misuse the knowledge and even if reading is the goal of someone, then even that learning does not become Lakshmi.  You have to study, then use what you have read, then it is Vidya Lakshmi.

 Dhanya Lakshmi |  Dhanya lakshmi

 Wealth may be Lakshmi but it is not necessary to have cereal Lakshmi as well.  Wealth is there, but we cannot eat anything - we cannot eat bread, ghee, rice, salt, sugar.  It means wealth Lakshmi but there is lack of cereal Lakshmi.  You see a lot of grains in the villages.  They do not hesitate to feed anyone for two to four days.  Money may not be there, but it is cereal.  People eat and feed well in villages.  The food consumed by the villagers is superior in quality and quantity as compared to the people of the city.  Their digestive power is also good.  Honor the grain, this is Danya Laxmi.  Food is essential for every person in the world.  Do not waste food or spoil it.  Many times, more than half is thrown in the food that is made, and they are not given to others.  Do not do this.  Dhanya Lakshmi is to respect food.

 Patience Laxmi |  Dhairya Lakshmi

 Everyone is in the house, there is money, grain is there, everyone is rich but timid.  Often the children of rich families are very timid.  Dare means patience is an asset.  People will always be found in jobs, they are afraid of their officers.  If business men, they are afraid of inspectors.  We often ask officers what kind of assistant do you like?  - Who is afraid in front of you or who patiently contacts you?  He who is afraid of you will never tell you the truth, will tell a false story.  You will not be able to work with such a person.  You like those assistants who are patient and talk to you honestly.  But why are you afraid of your officials?  Why?  Because we are not connected to our lives.  We do not know that there is such power within us, there is a divine power that is with us forever.  Laxmi lacked this patience.  With patience Lakshmi, life can progress or else it cannot.  There is progress in the amount of patience Lakshmi.  Whether in business or in job.  Patience Lakshmi is required.

 Child Lakshmi |  Santana lakshmi

 There should be children who are the capital of love, the relation of love, sentiment, then that child became Lakshmi.  The child with whom stress is reduced or not is the child Lakshmi.  The child who brings happiness, prosperity and peace is the child Lakshmi.  And.  The child with whom quarrel, tension, trouble, sorrow, pain, pain is not the child of the child Lakshmi.

 Vijay Laxmi |  Vijaya Lakshmi

 Some people have all the resources and facilities, yet they do not get success in any work.  Even after everything, if he puts his hand in any work, he gets destroyed, there will be no work, this is the lack of Vijay Lakshmi.  If you send someone to fetch something in the market, then he simply does not get it.  If you rickshaw, it will go bad  Even if you reach the market by taxi, shops are all closed.  You would think that it would have been better if I had done it myself.  They are unable to do even the smallest tasks, there is a huge shortage of Vijay Lakshmi.  There will be some excuse or no excuse, circumstances will happen in front of them.  There is no lack of success in anything, this is the lack of Vijay Lakshmi.

 Raj laxmi |  Raj Lakshmi

 Raj says Lakshmi, even if fate says Lakshmi, both are one - power.  Many times a minister occupies the highest position and then speaks anything but there is no listener.  Nobody listens to their rule.  This happens many times in the office as well.  Nobody listens to the owner, but everyone listens to a clerk, he will run his rule.  The head of a trade union is rarely possessed by an urban mill owner.  He is the only trade union head of the mill, but he has Raj Laxmi, he can run the government.  The power to rule is Raj Lakshmi.

 These eight types of wealth are all related to each other, each person has these eight wealth in more or less quantity.  How much we respect them, use them is up to us.  The absence of these eight Lakshmi is called - Ashta Daridrata.  Whether Lakshmi is there or not, Narayana can still be adapted.  Narayan belongs to both - Lakshmi Narayan and Daridra Narayan!

 Daridra Narayana is served and Lakshmi Narayana is worshiped.  The flow of whole life is going from the dreary Narayana to Lakshmi Narayana - from misery to prosperity, from drought in life to divine nectar.

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