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Central Government increase salary of employee inexpensive allowance

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In March, the government had hiked the DA of central government employees by four percent.The central government has decided not to increase the cost of living allowances for central employees and pensioners this year. But the allowance will be increased in July next year. It will be increased by four per cent in July next year.

At present, the government has postponed the increase in allowances till June 2021 in view of the Corona virus epidemic. Employees will be paid 17 per cent DA at the previous rate. It also means that the pay hike for central government employees may still take time.In March, the government had hiked the DA of central government employees by four per cent. However, in April the government took charge of the epidemic and decided to implement it from June 2021.

At present, there are more than 50 lakh employees in central government jobs. The government also provides pensions to 61 lakh former employees.  Thus the number of pensioners is higher than those working in government.  It costs a lot of money, but this time the Corona epidemic has ruined the government's budget.

 The annual tax revenue received by the central government has come down drastically.  At present, the central government receives only direct tax revenue, but the collection of indirect tax revenue has declined significantly.  As a result, the government refused to pay the amount of inflation allowance paid to government employees twice a year.  However, as the situation improves, the government has started giving regular allowances.  The loss-making deal for government employees is that the government does not pay any allowances for a year and a half between January 2020 and July 2021.

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