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Important news for students 4500 rupees tablet 1000 rupees tablet given by multi National Company

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Important news for students 4500 rupees tablet 1000 rupees tablet given by multi National Company

Instant loan for reputed educational institute

 If the student is an Indian citizen for education loan and has obtained admission in any higher education institution outside India or India, then he gets loan easily.

 It is easy to take loans for higher education in a reputed university.  State Bank of India (SBI) senior manager SK Bharti says that banks ensure the recovery of any loan before giving it.

 That is why loans are given only to such people, who have the ability to repay it.  The education loan can be paid by the parents of the student or the student can also pay it after completing his studies.

 No security on loan up to 4 lakhs

 If you apply for an education loan up to four lakh rupees, then the student will have to take this loan jointly with his parents.  There is no need to submit any type of security for this.

 If you take a loan between four lakh and 6.5 lakh rupees, then you will also have to give a guarantee to a third person.  If the loan amount is more than Rs 6.5 lakh, then the bank can ask you to take any property mortgage.

For this, you can submit property papers, FD, life insurance bonds.  It is also important for an education loan that the parent or guardian who earns in it has to become a co-applicant.

Loan repayment terms

 After the completion of the course, banks give an exemption to pay an education loan from six months to one year.  In some cases, this exemption is for 3-6 months after getting the job.  After this, the loan has to be repaid within the stipulated period.

 This period can be 5 to 15 years.  If the student is unable to complete the course within the stipulated time, then the bank can extend the loan repayment by two years.

Highlights of online application for education loan:

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 10 lakh for education in the country, up to 20 lakh for studying abroad, loan is available

 Income tax exemption under Section 80 (E) in payment of education loan

 This exemption will be included in the parents' income

 You can apply in the bank of your choice

 There is also the facility of getting a guarantor loan

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