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The details of the transfers to be made while merging the schools were shown in the resolution of the Department of Education dated 26/10/2020 regarding the transfers of teacher education assistants. As the resolution was interpreted differently in different districts, it became necessary for the government to issue a new circular. The rules regarding issuance of new circular on 24/11/2020 have been clarified. From the various representations received by the Office of the Director of Primary Education, it is stated that the matter is interpreted differently in different districts so that the new circular clarifies accordingly. If the teachers working in this standard are qualifying for Std. 1 to 5 at the time of merging Std. 6 Std. Their consecutive seniority with teachers working in will not have to be considered. 

 A vacant teacher should be considered.If there are qualified teachers of standard 6 to 8 in this matter. And standard 6 and 7 classes are closed. So in a merging school, the seniority in a row with the teachers of standard 6 to 8 will have to consider the most junior teacher as a vacant teacher.

The goverwas under many long-standing considerations to carry out the process of school merger. Under this circular, it is shown that the number of students in the school in the school is less than 20 standards of school.In the schools that have less than 20 numbers in standard 6 and standard 7 in the school, the standard 6 and standard 7 is said to close the order. 

From the 1st education rules of prelude to 32 of the primary education rules, it has been said that the provisions have been made to maintain primary schools where there are at least 10 students in each category.According to the circular, early education schools in the state will have to keep schools of standard 1 to 5 or standard 6 to 8 or standard 1 to 8 standard 1 to 8.

 The state government has provided changes to the corresponding schools of this structure. According to the school merger circular, out of the schools which are running Std 1 to 6, the schools which have less than Std 6 will have to close Std 6.Schools with more than 20 students in Std. 6 will have to start successive classes of Std. 7 and Std 8. 


Out of the schools which have Std. 1 to 8 in the schools where Std. And out of the schools which are running Std. 1 to 8 in Std. 6 classes, the schools which have less than 20 students in Std. 6 and Std. 7 will have to close Std. 6 and Std. 7 classes and the schools which have Std. Provision has been made to start a standard class of Std. 8 in the schools which have more number of students.Considering the provisions and details of sub-prologue 1 to 4, in view of the order received on the note of certain 5, the number of children in primary schools where the number of children in Std. 6 and Std. 6 and Std. 7 is less than 20 has to be included in other nearby schools.The merger is aimed at providing more convenient and close subject teachers to the children studying in these primary schools as well as making maximum use of the skills and services of the teachers on duty in these schools as well as providing appropriate and best infrastructural facilities to the students. 

 As the students of such schools get the opportunity to study in a wide range and as they get the best facilities, they are ordered to merge the classes of primary schools of standard six and standard seven in the schools with more facilities near them subject to the following condition.

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