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10 Big Secrets of India

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There are many places in the world where there are still mysteries that cannot be solved, even though many musicians and explorers are working hard day and night, the mysteries are still intact.  There are some similar mysterious places in our country.  Whose secrets cannot be solved even today, if you like to travel to such mysterious places, you must go, after reading, you will also feel like going there.
Indus Valley Civilization:
 The Indus Valley Civilization was extinct thousands of years ago but its secrets are still intact today.  The exact reason why this civilization became extinct is still not found today, although many astronomers have presented their own opinions and research samples about it, but no definite reason has yet been found as to why.

Picture found on a mountain in Chhattisgarh:
 Inside the four of Chhattisgarh, a 10,000-year-old painting was found, painted on a mountain with a picture of a UFO and an alien. Why was the alien painted there?  Whether the aliens really came to this conclusion is still a mystery today.

Bihar's Son Bhandar Cave:
 The Son Bhandar cave is located in the city of Rajgir in Bihar. It is also believed that the Bimbisar king hid millions of tons of his gold inside this cave, but no one has found this gold till date.  Were unsuccessful.

The nine gems of Emperor Ashoka:
 It is said that Emperor Ashoka formed a secret society of 9 gems before his retirement, these 9 gems included 9 people who could take good care of his kingdom even after his retirement, but even today who were these nine gems  Even today there is no information about.

Treasue of Jaigarh Fort:
 The Jaigadh fort was founded by Raja Sawai Jaisingh of Jaipur. It is said that there is a treasure of billions of rupees hidden inside this fort, but to date no one has found this treasure.
Kuldhara village:
 How many stories about Kuldhara village are prevalent today.  But its mystery is still intact.  The village of Kuldhara in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, has been evacuated overnight by the people since 200 years ago, but no one knows where the people of this village went or why they evacuated the village.


 Rebirth of Goddess of Peace:
 A report published in 1936 linked Shantidevi's second birth.  There was a four-year-old woman who also had all the information about the birth behind her, even though Mahatma Gandhi formed a committee for her, but the mystery is still intact.

Prahlad Jani ( chundadi vala mataji):
 The secret of the life of Prahlad Jani, 83, who lives in Mehsana district of Gujarat and is known as Chundi Wala Mataji, is still intact.  It is said that they have been living without food for the last 80 years.  They have not eaten anything for the last 80 years, they are living only by air, even though it has been investigated but no concrete reason has been found till date.
 Treasure of Mir Usman Ali:
 According to the Times Magazine of 1937, Mir Usman Ali was considered the richest man in the world, he was the Nizam of Hyderabad.  But no one knows anything about his treasures after his death.

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