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Circular of Mehsana district regarding preparation of list of front line workers as well as government employees for vaccination of Covid 19

List of "Front Line Workers" and officers and employees of various offices covered on priority basis under COVID-19 vaccination program in the prescribed format. The state government has instructed to prepare by 7:00 pm on 7/12/2020. Such a list is to be prepared in four parts in total.

(1) employees of the Department of Health and Family Welfare; This will include employees of all government and private institutions connected with public health and medical services. (2) All officers and employees of the revenue department (3) Employees of all government offices (3) Persons aged 50 years and above included in the electoral roll and co-morbid persons below the age of 50 years.

The list of related beneficiaries to be covered for Covid-19 vaccination has to be prepared in a very precisely prescribed pattern. The fixed template is included with this, which is in Excel format. A list of citizens is being prepared for all departments except employees of government and private institutions involved in public health and medical services. There is no data entry to be made in the last column of the accompanying specimen, of which special note should be taken.


The list of "First Line Workers" and officers / employees of all the Heads of Government Offices of the District as well as the office under their jurisdiction has to be verified and prepared after it has been prepared in the prescribed form. The officer should be sent to District Panchayat, Mehsana under the notice of Disaster Management Branch of Collectorate,

The State Government has been informed by the Chief Electoral Officer to collect and use the details of the voters registered in the Electoral Roll and hence using the latest Electoral Voter List of the existing Legislative Assembly Constituency (which is currently under revision) Assembly constituency wise, polling station wise Individuals above 50 years of age as well as persons below 50 years of age will have to prepare M2 (two) list. The list of Comorbid persons below the age of 50 years should be provided by the concerned Voter Registration Officer to the Booth Level Officer (BLO) of the concerned polling station along with the details of persons who have returned home in the prescribed form. (Information collection form is attached to this.)

This information has to be prepared with care and precision. As per 7/12/2020, it is to be submitted by 17-00 hours in the evening. Surveillance is also required to ensure that this happens.

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