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Examinations are held after the end of the semester for students studying in primary school. Students have learned various subjects during the year with the help of teachers.

The verification obtained during the student year is done through examination. Students get knowledge of various subjects like Gujarati Mathematics, Science, English, Social Science etc. from the teachers during the year. Examinations are conducted to test the abilities that the students have achieved during this period. Examinations in various subjects are organized to test the ability of the students during the year.

Various subjects are also planned for the examination of social sciences during this examination. Students studying in Std. 3 to 8 are given knowledge of geography subject to make them aware of the different geographical conditions of their area, region and country.It is very important that students get knowledge of the culture of their country. Knowledge of the culture of one's own region, knowledge of the rites as well as knowledge of various festivals celebrated in the country is obtained through the subject of student and social science. Through the social sciences, students gain knowledge about history, civics and geography. 

Throughh geography, students learn about the various methods used in different parts of the country, the resources of the country, the mineral resources obtained from different parts of the country, the forest resources of the country, the culture of the people living in different regions of the country.

Through the social sciences, students gain an idea of ​​the culture of people living in different parts of the country. Various maps of India, various maps of the state of India. Maps of districts of different states of India, maps of different talukas of different districts of different states of India All the knowledge is received by the student through social sciences.In the examinations conducted during the year, students are given various maps like maps of India, state maps, district maps, taluka maps for completion. When students can get such maps, students can get such maps through this blog. Maps of India, maps of different states of India, maps of districts of different states, maps of Union Territories are made available here to be useful to all students.

India na vividh Blank Map ni pdf

Bharat na kora NAKASHA ni pdf

Indian map 

Bharat na NAKASHA

ભારત ના કોરા નકશા ની PDF ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહી ક્લીક કરો.

Apart from this, political maps, regional maps, maps showing natural resources, climate maps of different parts of the country, maps showing the states and headquarters of the country, maps showing the various districts of the state and its headquarters, maps showing the highways passing through the country. Maps showing passing waterways, maps showing railway lines passing through different parts of the country A variety of such maps are made available here.You can download blank maps of any type of country map whenever the need arises during the exam. Apart from this, replicas related to the globe are also available.

Students who want to practice for the completion of the map even while sitting at home during the exam can download the map of India here and practice at home. Students who practice the map well enough will get good marks in the exam.

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