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For the first time in India, a teacher got a prize (Global Teacher Prize-Award),

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Due to the attempts to promote girls education in a primary school (Primary School) and the efforts to connect them to technology, there is a global Teacher Award (Global Teacher Prize). 32-year-old winning Ranjit Singh Dissal has received a reward for 10 lakh dollars (Ranjit singh disale) for her (Ranjit Singh Deal. Ranjit Dissal has now announced half of this amount to give his colleagues. Schools in the choros of the chorosity are closed at all. Schools are going on in a digital learning but it is not enough. Especially the girls are going back into their hands.

For the first time in India, a teacher got a prize (Global Teacher Prize-Award), who did not like to be all the best in Teddia. Called the proud of the country also to be in the art, art, or even the world in any field. 
This is the same glory to achieve a primary school teacher. Joe's name is. Ranjit Singh Disalvan, who is serving as a primary teacher in the Sharashur District of Ranjit Singh Decal.Mhartra, has received the world's best honor. Ranjit Singh Decal has been selected from the world for the Global Teacher Award. This is the award as well as this general teacher of primary school became crorepatives. 
With the Global Teacher Reward, Ranjit Singh has also been given Rs 7 crore. This is the first time that any Indian has received the best teacher's award. Prior to this, the teacher has not received this honor, so Ranjit Singh has notified the name of India in the name of India. The Global Teacher is awarded by Warki Foundation located in UNCO and London. This award was announced on 3 December yesterday. In which the teacher Ranjit Singh Decal had won the award, in which the teacher of the Sollavadi district conference school. The famous film actor Stephen Fry announced the award in the award ceremony held in the Natural History Museum of London. 

The award ceremony was virtually held. Stephen Frys announced the award, Ranjit Singh Dissal was gladly jummy. Nothing was not crossed his happiness. Having 2 thousand teachers, behind this competitor, more than 12,000 teachers participated in the world 140 from the world's 140 country. 

Keeping more than 12 thousand teachers, Ranjit Singh, won this award. The Ranjit Singh Decal for attempting to promote girls 'education in the education of girls' education, and to promote the textbook revolution in India 10 finalists from the world were selected for the annual award established by Warki Foundation in 2014. This award has been given to teachers who have contributed excellent to the education sector. The decision of this decision in the Singh of Decal, Ranjit Singh De Nali to win 7 crore with winning the heart Due to which thousands of students will get a chance to study through scholarships. The decision of Ranjit Singh Decal has won the heart of the heart. The Ranjit Singh Disalvani is appreciated for the first time in this reward from Rajyadh.
 Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray also congratulated Ranjit Singh Disale. Governor of Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Kashyari also congratulated Ranjit Singh Disale to win this award. Actor Anupam Krome also compliments by praising Ranjit Singh Dal.

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