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Gujarat Old Land Record From 1955 to Today - Check Your Land Records

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Gujarat has led the way, when it comes to infrastructure and economic development. Its online land record system is also winning accolades from the government of India. Also known as E-Dhara, the land record digitisation system has won the award for best e-governance project. The system enables the user to search land records in Gujarat instantly online through AnyROR and update it as and when required, be it for obtaining crop loan or for getting electrical connection or subsidies. In fact, all 7/12, 8A, 8/12 documents of 1.5 crore land records have been digitised, which can be searched on the AnyROR platform. Landowners can also access these land records from a dedicated counter in a taluka office, by paying a nominal fee.


Here’s how you can search land documents in Gujarat, apply for mutation and update land records on AnyROR and E-Dhara:

 ROR issuance process

If you are a landowner, you can get the print of Record of Rights (ROR) online without submitting any manual application from the Taluka office. With the E-Dhara portal, you can obtain the 7/12 document even if you are aware of only one of these things- survey number, khata number, farm name or landowner name. The operator will be able to search the database and will confirm the details with you, before printing the document.

If you want to use the ROR for official purposes, you can get this printed document signed by the Mamlatdar or the designated person. The landowner also has to pay user charges of Rs 15 to get the ROR issued.


Mutation of land

Since the entire process of land mutation has gone online, follow this procedure step-by-step to get your mutation done:

*Obtain the mutation application forms kept at Mamlatadar office, TDO office, banks and at Panchayat and Sarpanch’s office. 

Submit the application at the E-Dhara center where you have to mention the postal addresses and telephone number. Also, you have to fill the separate application form for separate mutation type. You also have to attach required documents which will be matched with online records to ensure consistency.

 Mutation requests are accepted and acknowledged through Bhulekh software. One of the two copies of the acknowledgement receipt which will be handed over to you.

*The official authorities will verify the application detail, attached documents and other basic details. A unique mutation entry number will be generated along with the legal notices for record-keeping.

*All this information will go into the case file which will be collected by the Talati from the e-Dhara Center. The notices will be served and acknowledgements will be expected within 30 days.

After the authority’s approval, the file will come back to the e-Dhara center for processing.

*A S-Form is generated which indicates changes in land records before making actual changes. This form has to be signed by all landowners before biometric authentication is done.

*Once changes are made, the print out is sent to village records to update the land information.





AnyROR Gujarat land record system

To help people search land records online, the Gujarat government has come up with ‘AnyROR’, through which you can search any information related to land records including land owner’s name, 7/12 utara and other records maintained by the state government.


Uses of ROR

Byersers or landowners can obtain the ROR for following uses:

To check the ownership of the land.

To get access to information pertaining to the land.

To get a loan from a bank.

To verify or check the revenue records of the land during the sale or purchase of land.


Types of land records

There are three types of land records available on the AnyROR platform:

VF6 or Village Form 6 – Entry details

VF7 or Village Form 7- Survey number details

VF8A or Village Form 8A- Khata details


How to find 7/12 document on AnyROR

You can also view the 7/12 document in Gujarat for verifying the details. Follow the process below to view your 7/12 document-

*Visit AnyROR official website.

*You will see three option Rural land records, Urban land records and property search.

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