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Gujarat Unreserved Educational & Economical Development corporation Various Scheme for Apply Online

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Educational study plan

Name of The Scheme : Academic Study Plan GUEEDC

➢Eligibility standards : 60% or more in standard 12

➢Rate of Interest : Sense of Annual 4% per Annum 

➢Income Limit : Family annual income limit is Rs.6.00 lakh or less.

➢The applicant should have a non-reserved category.

➢Eligibility and credit criteria for educational plans

 Scheme Format / Loan Assistance Standards:

 State-run medical, dental, self-sufficient undergraduate courses, vocational courses, engineering, technology, pharmacy, architecture, ayurvedic, homeopathy, physiotherapy, veterinary, etc.  Except for BAC, BA etc.,) Total tuition fee of the entire course or Rs.

 Under this scheme, loans will be given for undergraduate courses in the state as well as for medical undergraduate, medical postgraduate and postgraduate courses in IIM, IIT, NID, NIFT, IRMA, TISS.

 Eligibility Criteria: 60% or more in Std-12.

 Interest rate: 4% interest per annum

 Income limit: Annual income limit of the family is Rs. 6.00 lakhs or less.

 Applicant must be of non-reserved class.

 Eligibility and Lending Criteria for Educational Schemes

 Must have passed Std-12 from any school in the state of Gujarat with 60% or more.

 Who will be eligible for a loan for a course accredited by the relevant council of that course.

 The applicant should be from Gujarat and should be from non-reserved category.

 Proof of admission to the relevant course will have to be submitted.

 The interest rate on the loan will be 5% simple interest per annum.  The same amount will be lent per year.  Simple interest will be treated accordingly.

 The widow and orphan beneficiary will have to give priority to the applicant.

 Loans for those who drop out in the middle of the study or do not get the degree within the stipulated time limit will be eligible for simultaneous recovery and will not be eligible for interest assistance.

 The annual income limit of the family for educational loan schemes of the state will be 6.00 lakh or less.



 Loan Guarantee / Documents:

 The total loan amount for the entire course is Rs. 7.50 lakh or less.

 If the total loan amount of the entire course is more than Rs. 70.50 lakh, the total amount will have to be mortgaged in favor of oneself or any other relative's real estate corporation.

 Each borrower will have to give five post dated checks signed in favor of the corporation.

 Loan repayment:

 In case of total loan up to Rs. 5.00 lakh, the loan amount will have to be repaid in equal monthly installments in 5 (five) years after completion of study with interest.

 In case of loan above Rs. 5.00 lakh, the loan amount will have to be repaid with interest in equal monthly installments in 6 (six) years after 1 year of completion of the study.

 The loan amount repaid will be credited at first interest.

 The borrower can repay the loan even before the fixed time limit.


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