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 Children's stories are very dear to children.  I love children's stories.  Children's stories are also very popular among the students studying in the school.  With the help of the story, the students get a good lesson.  Students watch animated stories carefully.  Children's stories are a very important medium for students.

 Children have a good interest in children's stories.  The students in the school love children's stories.  Children's stories are a medium through which children can learn a lesson.  Many children's stories are written by different authors.  Students love such children's stories.

 With the help of children's stories, students can develop interest in teaching.  Students learn yes with more interest and interest.  Children's stories are loved by all students who are interested in reading.  Animated children's stories are an important medium for students who are not interested in reading.Through the story of Dala Talwadi, the story of the rabbit and the tortoise, the story of the Panchatantra, many such stories, the students get a good lesson.  Students can be taught with interest with the help of children's stories.

 Students remember faster by reading and listening than by reading.  It is said that if something is heard it is remembered more than it is read.  Anything is remembered even faster than if it is read, heard and seen.  Animated stories are remembered just as quickly.  Students watch and listen to animated stories so that the stories are remembered more quickly by the students.The story plays an important role in language subjects like Gujarati subject, Hindi subject, English subject and Sanskrit.  Story writing is also asked in the examination of these four languages.

      Story writing has 5 to 10 marks.  Students who write stories systematically can get higher marks.  Students who can do story writing well can get good marks in language subject.  Students who are interested in children's stories can now instill good values ​​in themselves with the help of children's stories.  
      With the help of children's lessons, good values ​​are instilled in the students and the society.  With the help of this blog, a collection of various children's stories and animated stories is delivered to children.  Yes a collection of stories can be useful to students in a variety of ways.  

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     Students have developed an interest in watching animated children's stories.

 Their mastery of the language subject is further strengthened.  With the help of stories students can acquire knowledge of various subjects and social subject.  Students are instilled with various rites prevalent in the society.  With the help of these children's stories, students get knowledge about how to behave with elders, never steal, always tell the truth, never insult elders, always respect parents and guru, etc.
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