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How to apply for marriage certificate in India

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Any Government fees must be paid by Applicant directly. onlinemarriageregistration.com is not affiliated with the Indian government, we provide professional form filing and homepostage customer advice and help with Applications for Marriage services by professional administration team oversean by a High Court Advocate.A few pointers on marriage registrations in India.

India, Marriage Is Considered A Sacred Rite. That Is Why The Matter Of Marriage Registration Has Been Included In Our Law. Registration Is A Must For Any Couple. Educated Or Uneducated They Must Fulfill This Responsibility.

Considering the situation from today, the Gujarat Marriage Registration Act 2006 was enacted to ensure the effective implementation of the provisions of compulsory registration of marriage in the state. Marriage Registration is required for today's youth. The future of the newlyweds is secured through Marriage Registration is a very simple process. So friends, let us know the process of Marriage Registration. Meaning, the way to get a Marriage Certificate. 


A few year ago, people did not usually think about marriage registration. Traditional Customs were enough to get married, but now a number of legal processes, from passports to marriage registration certificates, are required. In some cases this certificates also becomes an important document in court disputes arising after marriage.

Marriage registration is one of the most important tasks connecting to a wedding. It can be handled through the Hindu Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act done by couples getting married irrespective of their religions. A registration helps both partners in a marriage, either before, with issues during, or if a spouse passes away. A marriage certificate is needed to help with any official work relating to the marriage.

Here are a few things to know about registering a marriage in India.

As mentioned earlier, with regard to getting your name changed, a marriage certificate plays a major role. Making changes to your last name on all official documentation without a marriage certificate needs a lot of effort and a ton of additional documentation. Furthermore, it helps when applying for visas since the system sees the couple as a married couple and not two individuals travelling individually.

In India, depending on whether you are a Hindu or belonging to any other religion, you have to register under the Special Marriage Act or the Hindu Marriage Act. There aren’t many differences between the two forms, however, it takes a longer time to process a marriage under the Special Registration Act. Secondly, if one of the marrying partners belongs to a religion other than Hinduism, the couple has to register under the Special Marriage Act.

Handling the marriage process offline can be quite time-consuming. If you are registering your marriage through the Hindu Marriage Act, the couple getting married have to register under the sub-registrar, where the marriage was solemnized or either of them has been living for at least six months.

Under the Special Marriage Act, they have to provide a 30-day notice to the sub-registrar and a copy of this notice is added to their notice boards. If there are no objections to their marriage it is pushed forward.

There is a lot of documentation needed for the registration of a marriage. Some of the forms are mentioned below and have to be submitted by both the parties.

- Depending on the religion of the people getting married, the right application forms have to be filled out and submitted

- Proof of address.

- Proof of identification (you cannot use the same document submitted as proof of address).

- Proof of your birth.

- An affidavit stating the date and place of the marriage.

- Photographs

- The wedding invitation.

- A signed certificate of the priest conducting the celebration.

- Two witnesses, preferably who were present at the time of the marriage.

- Depending on the circumstances of the marriage, a certificate of conversion, divorce, or death.

You can also handle the entire registration remotely through the interwebs. It saves time and trouble of travelling, which is especially helpful if you are working far from home. All you have to do is download the forms, fill them out, and submit them. You still have to show up on the date of your appointment but that still saves you the previous trips of gathering the forms, documents, and details needed.

Although the Indian Government does recognize marriages that have been handled by religious institutions, to get assistance for official work through Government offices can be quite difficult without a marriage certificate. As previously mentioned, getting a marriage certificate is one of the most important documents to be handled. What are you waiting for? Register your marriage now!

The bride must be of 18 years minimum and the groom should be of 21 years at least.

The couple should be a citizen of India. If the marriage is with a foreigner then no objection certificate (NOC) is required.

What are the documents required for registering marriage?

All the documents must be attested by the Gazetted Officer or by Notary public:

In case of an Indian couple marriage:

Birth Certificate

Address Proof such as a voter ID card/ration card.

School leaving certificate

Marriage invitation card

Two passport size photograph

Nationality Certificate

In case of NRI marriage:

Copy of passport

Address proof

Employers ID proof

Residence proof of two NRI witnesses

Residence proof of two local witnesses

This information has been gathered by Marilyns Marriages

Some cities also have an online registration option...

Online registration has recently started in some states. Hindu Marriage Registration Software has been prepared for her. The application form can be downloaded by visiting the departmental website. All required documents can be scanned and attached to the application form. Gradually this process is being applied in many places. This process has been implemented by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. it's a simple process that can be done sitting at home. 

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