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How to make an emergency call from a locked mobile in case of emergency?

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How to make an emergency call from a locked mobile in case of emergency?  Learn the necessary information.

Today, about 70-80 per cent of the country's population has a smart phone.  And people are starting to keep their personal information in it.

And mobiles can now be locked as well as locked in a vault, and most people keep their phones locked to keep their information private.

But often in an emergency this lock is not opened by another person and then it is too late.

It often happens to us that our phone is lost or we have forgotten somewhere, or we get dizzy and unconscious on the way.

They can't help you even if they want to return the mobile or help you Because the mobile is locked and the person receiving the mobile cannot open it, she cannot call the number saved in the mobile and call the person who knows the mobile holder to say that she has received the call of some brother or sister or the holder of the mobile.  In trouble.

A similar problem occurs when the phone holder has an accident and needs to report his identities.

Recently, a tragic incident took place in Ahmedabad in which two relatives, Nayan Ram and Jayesh Ram, who were on a bike from Gujarat University, were killed on the spot when they were hit by a BRTS.

As soon as the accident took place there was a crowd and people immediately tried to contact their relatives through the phone of the deceased but no one could open the lock as the phone was locked and it took time to inform the family members of the youth.

But in order to prevent such problems in the future in case of emergency, we have brought an important piece of information which will enable you to contact the relatives of the phone holder from any locked phone in case of emergency.

This is done by the lock phone holder to keep their information safe and also because some applications in mobile are telling them to lock the mobile.

Which they lock by number or pattern.  And when such a time of crisis comes it becomes impossible to open the lock.

One of the special services offered in smart phones is emergency calls but we rarely use them. In fact, if you have added the number of your relatives in the emergency call, you can still contact these numbers even though the phone is locked.  


 સંપુર્ણ જાણકારી ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા અહી કલિક કરો.

And here you can save not one but five-six numbers.  As soon as you press the emergency button, the dialog box of the number saved in it opens and by tapping on any one of them, you can contact them even if the phone is locked.

How to make an emergency call from a locked mobile ?

 Step One: First you get the person's phone then turn on his phone.

Step Two: As soon as the phone is turned on, there will be a pad to open its lock, under which there will also be an option for emergency calls.

Step Three: Now tap on this emergency call.

Step Four: As soon as you tap on Emergency Call, another screen will open with a plus (+) sign at the top.

Step Five: As soon as you tap on it, the Make n Emergency Call dialog box will open. Tap on OK.

Step Six: Now the call will go to the number saved in it as soon as you tap OK.  This way you can also call from a locked phone.

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