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Income tax refunds have started coming. You can the check in this link

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Taxpayers who have paid more income tax in previous years have started getting refunds from the Income Tax Department.  You can check how much your refund has been received by going to Incometax's website, entering your PAN card number and typing the captcha code.  Based on the information provided here, you can determine how much income tax return you have received.  

Taxpayers who regularly submit their taxes to the Income Tax Department All taxpayers are reimbursed by the Income Tax Department if they have submitted additional taxes to the additional tax account.

Income tax refunds have started coming. You can the check in this link.


Assessment Year

Captcha Code


આપના ઈનકમ ટેક્સ નાં પૈસા રિફંડ આવ્યા? કેટલા આવ્યા? એ જાણવા આ લીંક પર ક્લીક કરો.

It is their sacred duty to pay taxes regularly to all citizens living in the country.  All taxpayers should pay their taxes regularly. 

 With the help of this income tax taken by the government, the government can perform various functions of the development of the country. 

 The government not only collects income tax but also carries out development works as per the needs of the country from this tax.  Income taxpayers who pay their taxes on time are given a refund if more income tax was levied by the government.  You can also go to the Income Tax Department's website and apply for a refund if the extra income tax has been paid to the government.  This information can be easily accessed from the Income Tax Department website.


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