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Know all about Saturn and Jupiter, 10 big things

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According to calculations by astronomers, on 21 December 2020 Saturn and Guru will be very close.  They can be seen in the sky after 45-60 minutes after the sun sets.  Where Jupiter would look like a shining star and Saturn would be shining slightly above it.  When Jupiter revolves around the Sun, the position of both will also change.  This incident is going to happen after about 400 years.  Such union of Saturn and Jupiter is called 'Great Conjunction'.  The two planets have never been seen so close since 1623.  After this, both these planets will be so close again on March 15, 2080.  Let's know 10 special big things about Saturn and Jupiter.

The sitting of two or more planets in the same book in the Lal Kitab is called Masnui planet or artificial planet.  The two planets together form a new planet.  According to the book of Lala, due to the inauspicious effects of Saturn, the house or part of the house collapses or suffers damage, otherwise the house is sold due to debt or fighting.  The hairs of the limbs rapidly fall.  A sudden fire can occur.  Money, property is destroyed in any way.  Premature tooth and eye weakness.  As a remedy, one has to do business of liquor, interest and abandon relationship with a foreign woman.

 According to the belief of Lal Kitab, it is believed that the Sun is the king, Mercury is the minister, Mars is the commander, Saturn is the judge, Rahu-Ketu is the administrator, the guru is the guide of the good path, the lunar is the mother and the show of the mind, Venus is the husband  For wife and husband for wife and semen power.  When a person in a society commits a crime, under the command of Shani, Rahu and Ketu become active to punish him.  Punishment is first given in the court of Saturn, later the trial goes on to see if this person's behavior is correct then revive it after the period of punishment.

        2. In the red book, the hair is flying from the head on the head. The person puts a habit of wearing garlands in the throat. Gold will be lost or stolen. Without education stopped. Rumors of vain in respect of a person are flown. Having a problem in the eyes, the malfunction of the house and machines, the unnecessary enemy is born, cheating, snake dreams. Breath or lung disease, throat pain In 2, 5, 9, 12th, Jupiter's enemy planet or enemy planet is with him, Jupiter is Manda. As a solution, leaving the lying, except to insult the father and the master, it is to put a tilak of saffron on the forehead. 3. In the astrology, the location of Saturn and Guru is considered very important. Both the planets are very impressive. Both changes their place in the second amount from one amount running by a very slow move. When Saturn changes in two and a half years, the master leaves an amount in the interval of 12 to 13 months. In such a way, the Guru and Saturn are not less than a supplement. Saturn is highly hit in the zodiac sign. When Saturn and Jupiter will be in an amount and one fraction, both the planets will be in Uttaraya Nakshatra, whose owner is Saturn. On the other hand, this coincidence is becoming in the makar zodiac which is the self-amount of Saturn and is the lowly amount of Jupiter. With the coincidence of Saturn and Guru, there is no need to have a good yoga. But with the yoga of Saturn and Chandra, the Kajkasari Yoga becomes the yoga from the yoga and the yoga of the moon. If you have sitting in any horoscope of the horoscope, then it is called Guru Chandal Yoga. The bad effect of this yoga occurs on education, wealth and character. The person disrespects the elderly and he can be a disease of stomach and breathing. It is said that the effect of Guru-Chandal Yoga is high on people of Mesh, Taurus, Singh, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces. If the guru is a self-respecting or high-end center, then Shash Yoga becomes a Swan Yoga and Saturn if there is a self-respecting or high. Both of them have talked under Yoga Panchamahpura Yoga, which has been called Nagar of Rajas. 4. According to Astronomy, the diameter of Saturn is 120500 km, at the average speed of 10 km per second, an average of 1.5 billion km from the sun. By staying at a distance, this planet completes the sun in 29 years. The master's power comes from the Earth 95 times more and in the size after this is the number. This planet takes place nine hours to roam on his dhuri. 

     5. After the size of the sun in the solar system, Jupiter's number comes. The diameter of this planet located very far from the Earth has been considered approximately 1.78 million kilometers from around 1.5 lakh km and the sun. It is 13 km At the speed of every second, it takes a round of 11 years.
       V It goes around 10 hours on your doubt. Approximately 1300 can be kept on this. Just as the sun rises and falls, whenever Jupiter gets it, it is rebuilt after 30 days. After rising, it runs directly on your path for 128 days. On the right path, after the route, it remains revolving for 128 days and it becomes reasons. Gravity power 318 times more than Earth. 
        6. According to the Puranas, Jupiter is the master of all goddesses. Guru Jupiter is a symbol of truth. They are also considered a symbol of knowledge, respect and scholarship. Guru is the owner of intellect and speech power. They are the sons of Maharishi Angira. His mother's name is Sunima. Their sister's name is 'Yoga Siddha'. Jupiter has received the title of Jupiter in the Navagrah. There is a significant effect of Jupiter on human life. It is the planet to protect the earth and humans from all kinds of disaster. Leaving Jupiter, ie the body of the soul is to be left. It is said that the Guru is not a guru, but the guru rutha ... no one.

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