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Latest News] 4200 Gread Pay Related Important News 2020

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Higher pay scale is given to the primary teachers of Gujarat state after satisfactory completion of 9 consecutive years of employment.  All the primary teachers recruited so far as well as the education assistants were given the first higher pay scale after satisfactory completion of nine consecutive years of service.  The first higher salary standard was given to 4200 crowds.  

In the present situation, according to the circular of the government, the government had refused to give 42000 grade pay in the first higher pay scale.  The first higher pay scale, which had been offered by the government for years, was cut. 

 Frequent representations were made by the Government regarding the first higher pay scale to primary school teachers and education assistants.  But no proper decision has been taken by the government.  It was then announced by the government that a decision on the matter was put on hold until a policy decision was taken.

When the Gujarat government refused to give the first higher salary standard 4200 to the primary teachers of the state of Gujarat, a feeling of dissatisfaction was expressed among the primary teachers of the state of Gujarat.  Despite repeated representations to the government,

 no decision has been reached.  Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union, Gujarat State Primary Voluntary Union, various organizations of Gujarat and various organizations of primary teachers of Gujarat made representations to the government about the injustice being done to the primary teachers of Gujarat.  

Despite repeated representations, no decision was taken by the government and eventually the teachers took the path of agitation.

આ સંપુર્ણ સમાચાર અંગે દિવ્ય ભાસ્કર નો રિપોર્ટ ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા અહી ક્લીક કરો.

There was a threat of agitation by the teachers if no decision is taken by the government in this regard.  Various programs were also announced by the teachers.  In the meeting of other meetings held earlier, the government had given the impression that the government is always with the teachers and will give a good and appropriate decision.  To date, no action has been taken in this regard.  A meeting has been organized today on 9th December 2020 between the Government and the office bearers of various organizations of primary teachers.  It is said that this meeting could prove to be very important. 

 An important decision may be taken by the government regarding the first higher pay scale for Gujarat state primary teachers.  The meeting between the government and the office bearers of the primary teachers' union may prove to be important.  It is said that after the meeting, the government may take an important decision in this regard.

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