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A test is designed for students preparing for NMMS. This year will be very useful for the students who are preparing for the NMMS exam in standard eight. Through this test, students will be able to prepare for the exam by taking the test as part of daily exam preparation.

10 questions of NMMS exam have been placed. Students have to read the question and ask which question will be replaced by the question mark? The correct answer has 1 mark and the wrong answer has 0 marks. By submitting the correct answer and the marks obtained, you can know your marks immediately and also know what is the correct answer from the wrong answer.
The students of the school are currently taking education through various mediums. During home learning, teachers are teaching students through Microsoft team, DD Girnar and YouTube. The government has asked the school teachers to start home learning system as schools cannot be reopened in the near future due to cores.       Arrangements have been made for the school teachers to use various mediums so that the students can sit at home and take education.  The Home Study Book has been provided by the government to check the various education taken by the students of the school through home learning.  
Students can learn how much they have accomplished in the various topics learned through home learning in the Home Learning Book.  In this situation of the current Corona epidemic, students are staying at home and taking education through various means.  As per the guidelines given by the government, in the present situation, since the students cannot be called to the school, arrangements have been made for the students to study at home.  Home learning has been arranged so that students can get education at home without coming to school.  Students cannot stop their education because they cannot come to school.  
In order to continue the education of the students, arrangements have been made to impart education to the students using various mediums.  Students can get education with the help of QR code in DD Girnar, Diksha application and also through YouTube.  Students who do not have any arrangement for getting education at home are asked to make arrangements for education at other place in the village where television facility is available.



Students of all categories whose parents' annual income does not exceed 1 lakh 50 thousand will be able to appear for the examination.  Students from private schools, private schools, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya and residential schools run by state government institutions which provide accommodation and study facilities in the school will not be able to fill up the application form in this examination.  Income limit.  The annual income of the candidate's guardian should not exceed Rs. 1,50,000 as decided for the MMMS examination. 



ied A certified copy of the guardian's annual income sample must be attached with the student's application form.  Examination fee.  The examination fee for general category OBC category students will be Rs.70.  S.  C.  And for ST category students the examination fee will be Rs.  Service charge will have to be paid separately.  Fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.  Fee acceptance center.  After filling the application form in the computer post office of Gujarat as a fee acceptance center, the print of the challan can be deleted.  Two of the three parts printed in three parts will be returned by the post office. 
 The fee will be paid by the post office and it will have to be checked whether it is filled with the confirmation number along with the payment given by the post office.  ATM card can also be filled through net banking through online payment.  Yes click on print application and fill in the details to submit the fee online.

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