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PUC Certificate Rules to be changed, prison and permit will be suspended whenever paid

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PUC certificate rules to be changed, jail and license will be suspended if paid

You need to consider a PUC certificate if you are driving.  You could even end up in jail if you don't keep it updated.  New rules of the Motor Vehicle Act are coming in which the QR code system for PUC will be implemented.  Which will get all the information immediately.  Failure to comply will result in suspension of your license as well as imprisonment.

Rule of PUC certificate will change

If you do, you will be jailed and your license will be suspended

 QR code system will be implemented for PUC

 QR code system will be implemented for PUC.  It will contain all the necessary information of the vehicle such as owner's name, registration number, emission status etc.  According to information received, the Ministry of Road Transport has proposed Central Motor Vehicle Rules. 

 It will generate an automatic SMS before the PUC process is completed.  Which will go to the vehicle owner's registered mobile number.  This will realize that the process of PUC certification of his vehicle has started.

 There will be a reduction in car theft cases

 This process will reduce the number of cases of vehicle theft.  This is because when another person tests the stolen vehicle for a PUC certificate, the message will go to the original owner of the vehicle.  This will determine which testing center has started the process of PUC certification of the vehicle.

 The ministry said a draft notification has been issued on the proposal.  People's opinions and concerns are solicited.  According to an official, the uniform format of the PUC certificate is proposed to be linked to the National Register of PUC databases.


 PUC certificate can also be rejected

 The ministry has for the first time proposed to reject the PUC certificate.  The reason will be given in the rejection slip.  It will also be said that the engine emission level of the vehicle is more than the prescribed standard for which the PUC certificate has been rejected.

 The reason for rejection will be found in writing According to the ministry's proposal, if the enforcement officer feels that the emission level does not meet the set standards, he will inform the vehicle owner in writing.  The owner of the vehicle will be asked to go to an authorized PUC center and get the vehicle tested.

 Can be jailed for 3 months

 If the driver or the owner of the vehicle fails to submit the vehicle for compliance, he has to pay a penalty as per the Motor Vehicle Act.  The owner of the vehicle can be jailed for 3 months or fined Rs 10,000.  Apart from this, his license can also be suspended for 3 months.

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