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A big statement has been released by the government’s education minister at a time when schools and colleges have been closed for a long time. According to the Education Minister, mass promotion will not be given in schools this year. Children will have to take exams based on what they have learned through virtual classes and home learning.

Statement of the Minister of Education regarding mass promotion in schools

Schools and colleges were closed for a long time because of Corona. It is yet to be decided when the school colleges will open. Students will not be given mass promotion. According to the news report, the government does not want mass promotion this year either.
Mass promotions were given by the government last year when schools and colleges were closed due to coronavirus. According to a news release, mass promotion will not be given this year. School-colleges have been closed for a long time due to coronavirus for the years 2020 and 2021. Students are being taught using various mediums with the help of teachers.
Education is being imparted to the school-college students through E-class as well as with the help of various mediums through DD Girnar of the students. Exams can also be taken using it.
It has been said that this time no student will be given mass promotion without examination.
While the mystery about when the new academic session will start in the state remains intact, the state government's education department has to extend the vacation and make arrangements for an alternative arrangement for the new session to start late.



Gujarat School News 2021

GCERT has prepared alternative study literature for students of Std. 1 to Std. 8 in the state. The Secretary GCERT has sent a circular to all the District Project Coordinators and Primary Education Officers of the state to print this literature from the district level and distribute it to the students of all government primary schools.

Students Parents "Pramotion"

The circular has directed to arrange for the printing of this literature in book form and sending it to the students. Alternative study literature includes things that students can continue to study at home. All District Project Coordinators and Primary Education Officers have been asked to make arrangements for delivery in book form to the students.

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