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Significance and influence of Mars in astrology, Mars in Aries from December 24 to February 22, 2021

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In Vedic astrology, Mars is considered a cruel planet.  Mars has a special effect in the horoscope of the natives.  When there is a Mars defect in the horoscope, all kinds of troubles start coming, in which delay in marriage is considered to be the main reason.  In astrology, Mars is considered to be the factor planet of energy, land and courage.  Mars is the lord of Aries and Scorpio.  Mars is considered high in Capricorn and low in Cancer.  The person in whose horoscope Mars is in auspicious mood is quite fearless and courageous.  Such a person is not easily frightened by any kind of challenge.  On the other hand, the castes in whose horoscope Mars is seated in an ominous sign have to face many kinds of troubles.

      According to astrology, when Mars is in any one of the Ascendant, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth and Twelfth signs in the horoscope of a native, then a state of Manglik defect is formed.  Whose horoscope has Mars defect i.e. horoscope is Manglik, there is a fear of having adverse effect on his marital life.  Therefore, the marriage of a person born of Manglik horoscope is performed only with a Manglik defect.
       People who have Manglik defect in their horoscope should worship Hanuman ji every day and recite Hanuman Chalisa.  This gives relief in Manglik defect.

 People with Manglik defect should stay away from consuming meat and alcohol.

 A person born with Manglik defect should have good relations with his siblings and spouse.

 Jataks with Mangal Dosh should get rice pujan duly performed in the Mangalnath temple at Ujjain by a proper priest for the prevention of Manglik Dosh.  This brings liberation from Manglik dosha.


 Jatliks with Manglik defects who are not married are also considered to be legislated to marry Aquarius before marriage.
Zodiac - Mars zodiac change will be auspicious for you.
 Taurus - Taurus people will get mixed fruits.
 Gemini - Troubles are about to end.  Work will advance business.  Matters relating to land and property will be settled.
 Cancer - The sum of advancement for Cancer and also promotion in the job

 Leo - You will see a mixed effect.
 Virgo - For Virgo, the fruit of Mars will be quite mixed.  There will also be sums of money received.
 Libra - There are signs of an increase in troubles.  Take care of married life  Try to resolve disputes.
 Scorpio - Mars zodiac change will be auspicious for you.  If you are also trying to change the job, then the opportunity will be favorable.

 Sagittarius - You are likely to lose money.
 Capricorn - Social position and position prestige will increase.
 Aquarius will be a mixed fruit for you. Advancement in the field of work and reputation in the field of business will also increase.

 Pisces - Mars will give mixed fruits in wealth from zodiac sign.

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