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If there is no fastag, this procedure will be done with you just one km before the toll booth on the highway

If you have to go anywhere on the highway from January, you have to put on a fastag. Cash lanes will be closed at 12 noon on December 31 at each toll plaza. The National Highway Authority of India has ordered the closure of every toll plaza around Agra from January 1.

The government has decided to close Cash Lane from January one. Until now, vehicles without fastags were driven to the toll plaza with cash, but this is no longer the case. NHAI project manager Arun Yadav said the toll could not be paid in cash from January one.

Vehicles without a fastag will be stopped. Fastags have to be purchased at double the price at the stall set up by the toll management. Only then will you be able to cross the toll plaza.

20 percent vehicle without fastag

In Agra, 80 per cent vehicles are with fastags while 20 per cent are without fastags. Awareness about Fastag is being spread by installing loudspeakers there. The manager of Korai Toll Plaza said that they have set up five booths at Toll Plaza for Fastag. From where the fastag will be made.

The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has made it mandatory to install FASTags on every vehicle from January 1 to promote digital payments. If you drive your car or large vehicle to the National Highway Toll Plaza from January 1 without taking FASTag, you may have to pay a heavy price.

What is Fastag

Fastag is a sticker that is affixed to the windscreen of vehicles. At the time of crossing at the toll, the device is connected to the scanner at the toll plaza with the help of radio frequency identification technology and then the rupee is deducted from the account linked to Fastag. So that there is no need to stand on the toll plaza.

Where to buy Fastag

You can buy Fastag from all the banks on NHAI Toll. Apart from this you can also use platforms like Paytm, Amazon and Flipkart. You can also recharge it with UPI, debit card, credit card. If the fastag is linked to a bank account then the rupee is deducted directly from the account.

What to do if FASTag is lost, damaged or torn

Only one fastag is available for one vehicle depending on the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. If it is damaged you can easily replace it. Get the same fastag for one car. It contains many details including Vehicle Registration Certificate, Tag ID. You can reissue it by providing the old details.



How to create a FASTag again

If your fastag is not working you can create a new fastag at home. All you have to do is create a new fastag using your Paytm. For which a charge of Rs. 100 is charged. You can order FASTag again by giving the RC and registered mobile number of the vehicle using the app.

How long is the validity of the cache held by FASTag?

The validity of the cash kept in Fastag is unlimited. If you ever have to change it, your money is transferred to the new FASTag. You can recharge it with My FASTag App or NetBanking, Credit or Debit Card, UPI, Paytm and other popular features. Fastag can be changed with the help of these apps.

What will happen to his money if Fastag is lost?
If the vehicle is stolen, FASTag can be blocked by calling the bank's helpline. If the car glass breaks, the fastag gets worse. You can change it at any time at this time.  You can go to a bank or other fastag center yourself and get a new fastag again by showing the RC and document of your vehicle.  There is no charge for this.

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