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Advertisement for recruitment of Education Assistant in Secondary Higher Secondary Schools

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by the provisions of the declaration dated 11/6/11 and 12/11/18 of the Education Department. Is done. Accordingly the recruitment process of educational staff in government / non-government subsidized secondary and higher secondary schools is carried out from time to time by the Central Recruitment Selection Committee.

Pursuant to which the provisions have been fixed with reference to Resolution-2 of the Department of Education regarding enrollment in the recruitment process for teaching assistants, teaching assistants / teachers in government / non-government aided primary, secondary and higher secondary schools. The following is a summary of the provisions of this resolution. - In the recruitment process of Academic Assistant / Education Assistant, up to 50% of the candidates are selected who are currently working as Academic Assistant / Teaching Assistant / Teacher and apply frequently or at every recruitment occasion to get the place of their choice and appear in the job without finding the place of choice.

No. So that the candidates with new or low merit do not get the opportunity and the intention of the government to provide employment to the qualified candidates and to fill the vacancies of education assistants / education assistants is not achieved. - In order to rectify the aforesaid situation and to achieve the objective of Reference Resolution No. 3, when the Education Assistant / Education Assistant / Teacher / Headmaster applies for the post in which he / she is currently in or for other posts, he / she is the Appointing Authority i.e. District Education Officer Before applying for subscription from NOC. Will have to take and district.

Education Officer / District Primary Education Officer received such application.

   The decision to grant or reject it must be communicated in writing to the teacher concerned, including the reason.  Thus the decision regarding granting NOC to the Education Assistant / Education Assistant / Teacher / Headmaster should be taken by the District Education Officer / District Primary Education Officer at his own discretion. 

       In the recruitment process conducted earlier by the Gujarat State Educational Staff Recruitment Selection Committee in Government / Non-Government Aided Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools, it has been noticed that in Government / Non-Government Aided Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools,  NOC for subscription in recruitment process.  Obtained and enrolled, and did not attend the fruitful district / school after the allotment of the district / school included in the final merit.  

       Unemployed candidates are deprived of employment and teacher vacancies in schools have a detrimental effect on children's educational work. 




       In the above details, the Gujarat State Educational Staff Recruitment Selection Committee will soon announce the recruitment process of Education Assistants in the non-government aided secondary and higher secondary schools of the state. 

       In order to register the candidature in the said recruitment process, as per the provision made in the reference-3 of the education department, the teaching assistant / teaching

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