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Today is the first day of the year. Pray to God that the new year in 2021 will be auspicious for all. Work to make your life full of happiness in the new year. The first Saturday and Saturday of the new year is the day of Lord Hanumanji.

The various prayers for are given here. This prayer will be very useful for all the devotees who love Hanumanji with all their heart.

We wish you a Happy New Year in the way God keeps you away from all sorrows. In the auspicious beginning of the new year, may you stay away from all troubles and pray that your life will be full of happiness. Pray to God that life will always be happy.

   Praying to Lord Hanumanji on Saturday proves to be a good mental work.  It is necessary to pray to Lord Hanumanji constantly to complete your mental work.  Today is the first Saturday of the new year so you should worship Lord Hanumanji.  

     Lord Hanumanji is the God who removes everyone's sorrows.  Praying fervently to them will help to alleviate your suffering.  Here are various prayers to please Lord Hanumanji. 

       With the help of prayers like Hanuman Chalisa, Hanumanji's Aarti you can make Hanumanji happy.        B  Hanuman Chalisa is one of the biggest experiments to alleviate the suffering of all devotees.  Sadness never comes in the life of a person who performs Hanuman Chalisa with full faith and heart.  Hanuman Chalisa of Lord Hanumanji is very dear.  Hanumanji should be made happy by praying.  

      Since Hanuman Chalisa is very dear to Lord Hanumanji, Hanuman Chalisa should be recited from the heart every Saturday.  Devotees who recite Hanuman Chalisanopath with full faith never have to face sorrows in their life.  Hanumanji is always pleased with such devotees who always recite Hanuman Chalisa. 

      The blessings of Hanumanji are always on such devotees.  Worship will make your whole year full of happiness.  No, and their lives will be full of happiness.


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Practicing Hanuman Chalisa every Saturday always avoids pain.  Hanuman Chalisa should always be recited to please Lord Hanumanji.  Hanuman Chalisa is very dear to Lord Hanumanji.  can chalisa and if you can't read it, just listening to it removes the pain.

      It is said that if Hanuman Chalisa is recited regularly, one never has to face bad pains in life.  The life of a person who regularly recites Hanuman Chalisa is always full of happiness.  Here various types of prayers are offered to please Hanumanji.  

       Today you can make Hanumanji happy by offering various prayers.  Hanuman Chalisa, Hanumanji's Aarti can be done and all crises can be avoided.  Hanumanji's Aarti Puja prayers and Hanumanji's Hanuman Chalisa make the lives of individuals always full of happiness.  v All persons should chant Hanuman Chalisa Hanumanji on the first day of the new year today and try to keep Hanumanji happy by offering various prayers.

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