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LTC (Leve Travel Consensus) Regarding Full Details

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LTC (Leve Travel Consensus) Regarding Full Details

LTC (Leave Travel Concession) Regarding Full Details :: There are changes to the Leave Travel Concession (LTC) that Central Government employees receive for travel to their hometown or other parts of the country. There are new rules on the air travel entitlement for level 6 and 8 officers of the Pay Matrix. Leave Travel Concession (LTC) is granted to Central Government employees for travel to various parts of the country and home as well. The number of home travel visits allowed are two. This is made available every four years. One of the hometown visits can be substituted with an “All India visit”, if needed. LTC is not available for employees whose spouses work in the Indian Railways.

LTC (Leave Travel Concession) Regarding The following conditions are also to be noted: There will be no daily allowance for travel through LTC. All incidental expenses incurred on local journeys would not be reimbursed. Reimbursement under LTC is allowed only for journeys that are performed in government vehicles or Corporation vehicles in the public sector.

If the journey undertaken is between places that are not connected through public transport, the employee will be allowed reimbursement according to his / her entitlement for journey on transfers. The maximum limit for the same will, however, be 100 km covered by the private transport vehicle. The employee will have to self-certify the claim and submit it. All expenses beyond the upper limit will be borne by the employee. Travel through Premium, Premium Tatkal, or Suvidha trains will be allowed under LTC.

The government is given LTC blok on behalf of the government every four years so that all employees of the government can travel with their family. For Class-I employees of Class-I of LTC block provided on behalf of the Government ie Class-II employees can travel by air as Government employees can also fly at Government expense and Class-II employees travel in AC coaches of Railways. 

       And Class-I employees can travel to AC coaches, three-tier AC coaches, meaning that the government can provide all its family members at the expense of Shri.

      The employee with mbarsaThese government employees are able to spend holidays with their families as well as move around the corners of the country. Once in four years, at any time, at the expense of the government, any corner of the country can come and go in these corners.On behalf of the Government to travel with his familyThe rent allowance is paidIn addition to all this, the government was paid 10 days' leave cash pay. Soon a circular was issued in this regard.


LTC અંગેના તમામ પ્રશ્નો નાં જવાબ જાણવા આ વિડિયો જુઓ



        It was stated in the letter that the employee, who is an employee of class-2 or who is a class-II employee, But the employee also takes advantage of the LTC block without giving them the benefit of any kind of expensive allowance.

      All of these have been ordered by the Government to pay the rent as per the Sixth Pay Commission without incurring any kind of inflation allowance. A circular is to be announced in 2018. This circular has been placed here for you to understand so that you have studied this circular and LTC block. So you can also apply and if you have taken LTC block then understand how you got ten holiday cash conversion. Unsupported can be foundClick on the link below to read the government's important circular for giving 4 holiday cash transfers to employees taking advantage of LTC.

Gujarat government announced LTC tu this place which is under central government and now you will be also tour and go there for a food Gujarat government pass for LTC bill in Lakshadweep tapu new you want to to take ship and go by the ship the Gujarat government this published this notification for all government servant who want to take a LTC block and he go to the tool for with his family alone and the Gujarat government is also give you a LTC block for Lakshadweep and chat Abu the Kendra shasit Pradesh Lakshadweep tapu and dadra Nagar haveli the past time the government is not satisfied for this tourism place when the Gujarat government is celebrate yours for tourism years and the Gujarat governments are any what places are progress in this year for his tourism near the want to cover Gujarat is so many successful Street he has a very big Highway state highways and many more I have a tourism places many more tourism places and Gujarat government are advertising this places you will be received this place is by net and many more Gujarat governmen Gujarat government key many more places for a Gujarat tourism place and this time which is very important for the winter and the rainy season and the nature is very beautiful so you want to go to Laxmi tapu the Gujarat government and the central government give you are LTC block or go for to this is very very important notification want to take a LTC block year LTC block isvery important for you the government is announced that if you want tu LTC block and you want to go to Laxmi tapu you also provide you the LTC block in this time Saudi government don't take you a LTC block for tourism.

      There were requests to split the hometown LTC for employees posted in Ladakh, North East, and Island territories such as Andaman, Nicobar, and Lakshadweep.

     This would help employees in meeting their families more often.  Demands were also raised for defense forces placed at high altitude, field, and CI Ops regions to be granted an additional free railway warrant.  This was also requested to be extended to CAPF personnel and Indian Coast Guards.  What is LTC allowance?  Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) is a type of allowance which is given to an employee from his employer to cover his travel expenses when he is on leave from work.  Sometimes it is also known as Leave Travel Concession (LTC).  Can I take 2 LTC a year?

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