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From classic musicals, princess tales, and animated animals to superhero adventures and holiday favorites, these must-see movies will appeal to the whole family.

Like the newer films honored with our , these all-time favorites are not only hugely entertaining, but they're packed with positive messages and role models, giving them the potential for significant impact on kids and families.
Some are cultural touchstones. Others give kids a look at other worlds -- both real and imaginary. Many will bring on gales of laughter, and some might lead to a few tears. But all are worthy of a comfy couch, a bowl of fresh popcorn, and some family togetherness.

Pop the popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready for a family movie night. But what to watch? There are endless options for children’s entertainment these days — from always-on TV channels to streaming kids' TV shows to the new sequels, plus plenty of animated movies, live-action remakes, and reboots that get cranked out every year — the quality on them, obviously, varies.

        If you really want to give your kids a love of film, go for a classic that stands the test of time (and one that's earned a spot on our list of the all-time best kids’ movies). Sure, you can’t go wrong with firing up the Disney+ streaming service and watching (most of) the movies that Disney has put out.  
   But there are also kids’ movies from around the world, from places like Aardman Animations in the U.K. and Studio Ghibli in Japan, that have also put out some of the funniest or most innovative kids’ fare.

There are fewer things cozier than curling up to watch  or  on a winter day (major bonus points for theand piles of blankets). There's just something about holiday films that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And when it’s a family-friendly movie that you can enjoy with everyone you love—from toddlers to adults—even better. So snuggle in with your family on the couch, and watch your kids’ faces light up as they soak up the best Christmas movies for kids. (Matching pajamas and not required, but strongly encouraged.)

The only problem you might run into when choosing a Christmas movie is picking just one. And in that case, we highly recommend a movie marathon, of course. To help you decide what to stream, we've compiled a list of the best kid-friendly Christmas movies out there, from  like It's a Wonderful Life to animated films with so much heart.
Whether you're looking for hilarious laugh-out-loud moments, a sentimental tale, or you can enjoy with your significant other after the little ones are tucked in, these flicks will keep your crew entertained for hours.







    If you go through the flicks on this list, you can marvel at the technical prowess of stop-motion movies, revel in the lush beauty of hand-drawn animation, check out some of the most amazing musical sequences of the past, or be amazed at how far computer graphics have come since the first Toy Story

     Whatever you choose, your family movie time is bonding time — when the movies are this good, you don’t have to feel bad about screens.

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