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This year NMMS examination is conducted for bright students studying in government and grant aided primary schools in standard eight. This exam is very important for students whose financial situation is not good.

Here is a quiz designed for students preparing for NMMS exam. This quiz is very important for all the students of Gujarat who are studying in Std. VIII and who are preparing for the NMMS exam. Every day questions will be put here for all the students who want to take the NMMS exam.

The following four options will be given in the no questions for exam preparation.

Students who want to answer the questions have to choose the correct option from the given option.

Students get marks based on the correct option they have chosen.

 The peculiarity of these questions is that you can know your marks immediately after giving the test.  

        If you answered a question incorrectly, you may know the correct answer.  A test of ten such questions will be framed here every day.  

   Students who want to prepare for the NMMS exam can prepare for the NMMS exam by taking this exam.  Students who pass the NMMS exam are selected on the basis of merit.  

      MHRD, NEW DILHI has implemented a scheme called National Means cum Merit Scholarship (NMMS) for students studying in Std.  7.  55% of General and OBC category studying in Std-7 of Government Primary and Granted Schools and ST and SC 50% or equivalent grade and whose parents' annual income does not exceed Rs. 150,000  Students who have can take the exam.       The State Examination Board, Gandhinagar has conducted an examination every year to select the beneficiary students for this scholarship.  After the examination, the students who come in merit in the district-wise fixed quota are entitled to a monthly scholarship of Rs.  In Panchmahal district, quota of 154 has been allotted according to the year.         There are students in the year 2017 - 51, 2018 - 61 and 2019 - 40 who have passed the examination.  Out of which 40 students in Std. 9 in Std. 9, 45 in Std. 10, 27 in Std. 11 and 11 in Std. 12 are eligible for Rs. 12000 per annum through MHRD and Rs. 48000 through Std. 9 to 12 through four year National Scholarship Portal. 

     Will be credited to their bank account.  These scholarship forms are filled with the aim of benefiting students with poor financial status from the cooperation of the education family city.

    Students who are included in the merit are given a scholarship of Rs. 1000 per month by the government.

The main purpose of NMMS exam is to help poor bright students.  

   The test given here will be very useful for the students preparing for the NMMS exam. 

      Tests are put here daily to prepare for the NMMS exam in an orderly manner.  This exam is designed to help the poor bright student to pay for his education. 

       The main intention of the government is to give a scholarship of one thousand rupees during the month to the brilliant students who pass such an examination. 

      The NMMS exam asks questions based on various topics.  The exam asks mathematical and logical questions based on general knowledge, various subjects studied. 

      Exam preparation can be helpful.  New questions are formed with the help of questions asked in previous NMMS exams and such new questions are put here.  At the same time, the question paper has been prepared from the questions asked in the previous examination and efforts are made to make the students practice to answer such questions. 


GCERT NMMS  16/1/2021 નો ટેસ્ટ આપવા  - CLICK HERE




       A variety of knowledge is imparted to the students through this blog.  



    Here educational news and various educational information is disseminated to students and teachers through various mediums. 

     All the students who are brilliant and are preparing for the NMMS exam are prepared for the exam by formulating various questions here. 

    Often there are also different types of videos that you can do better with exam preparation.

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