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Online test of NMMS by State Examination Board, Gandhinagar and Samagra Shiksha, Gujarat

Bright students with poor financial status in the state can complete their studies up to Std-12. And to reduce the drop out rate in such secondary and higher secondary schools, a scheme called National Means cum Merit Scholarship has been implemented by MHRD New Delhi for the students studying in Std. 8 of the primary school.

This examination is organized by State Examination Board Gandhinagar on Sunday 28/2/2021.

NMNS test series has been created for Std-8 students preparing for NMMS exam.

Here are the questions taken from the old question papers of NMMS exam. You can get maximum marks by practicing the questions. NMMS exam is taken for students who are studying in standard 8. This examination is organized every year by the government for the purpose of providing scholarships to the brightest students of the poor class. Scholarships are awarded every month by the government to students who pass the NMNS exam and come to Merit. The test series created for NMMS exam preparation will be very useful to the students who are currently studying in Std-8.

Education: Examination of National Merit Scholarship for Std. 8 students on 28th February

Bhavnagar a month ago

The annual income of the guardian should not be more than one and a half lakh

The online application form can be filled up till December 19

You will have to answer 180 questions in a total of 180 minutes

The National Means cum Merit Scholarship Scheme is being implemented by the MHRD Department for the students studying in Std. 8 with the objective of reducing the drop out rate in secondary and higher secondary schools. An examination will be held by the State Examination Board on Sunday, February 28, 2021 to select the beneficiary students for the scholarship.

Online application forms for this exam should be filled on the website www.sebexam.org from 19th November to 19th December. Here are 10 questions for students preparing for NMMS exam.  You have to choose the option that differs from the ideal questions and tick the correct answer. 

 There are four different words in the 10 questions given here for student friends preparing for NMMS exam. Out of these four words, you have to choose the word that is different and tick the word that is different.  Make every effort to correct as many questions as possible.  This test series will prove to be very useful for student friends preparing for the NMMS exam. 

 The examination is conducted under the National Means cum Merit Scholarship Scheme and asks different questions from different departments.  In the NMMS exam, queries have been asked from various sections like number series, wrong position of the series, series of English alphabets, series in a row. 

Apart from this, quizzes are also being asked from sub-sections. After this examination, the students coming in merit in the district-wise category fixed quota will be considered eligible for scholarship for four years at the rate of Rs.  50% marks or grade is required for Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe students.  


રાજ્ય પરીક્ષા બોર્ડ દ્વારા લેવાતી NMMS ની પરીક્ષા આપવા માટે - CLICK HERE

The annual income of the guardian of the candidate should not exceed Rs.1,50,000.

રાજ્ય પરીક્ષા બોર્ડ દ્વારા લેવાતી NMMS નાં જૂના TEST 1 TO 5  આપવા  - CLICK HERE

 The test will be taken in two parts in which 90 questions will be asked in the intellectual aptitude test with 90 marks and a time of 90 minutes.  

PRACTICE માટે અન્ય ટેસ્ટ આપો જેમાં જૂના પ્રશ્નપત્રો આધારે 180 પ્રશ્નો અને વિડિયો આપવામાં આવેલ છે.  નીચે ની લીંક પર ક્લિક કરી ટેસ્ટ આપો અને વિડિયો નિહાળો - CLICK HERE

Similarly, the academic aptitude test will also be of 90 marks in which you will get 90 questions and 90 minutes for that.  Mathematics, Science and Social Science subjects of Std.7 and Std.8 will be the subject for this test questions.

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