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Comparative order. The questions given here have to be answered after comparing each other with each other, clearly understanding and arranging each statement. Anything is high is low is small is big is smart is weak is to compare the way after sorting and then answer the right question.

  The main purpose of NMMS exam is to help poor bright students.  The test given here will be very useful for the students preparing for the NMMS exam.  

      Tests are put here daily to prepare for the NMMS exam in an orderly manner.  This exam is designed to help the poor bright student to pay for his education.  The main intention of the government is to give a scholarship of one thousand rupees during the month to the brilliant students who pass such an examination.        The NMMS exam asks questions based on various topics.  The exam asks mathematical and logical questions based on general knowledge, various subjects studied. 
      Exam preparation can be helpful.  New questions are formed with the help of questions asked in previous NMMS exams and such new questions are put here.  At the same time, the question paper has been prepared from the questions asked in the previous examination and efforts are made to make the students practice to answer such questions.  
       A variety of knowledge is imparted to the students through this blog.  Here educational news and various educational information is disseminated to students and teachers through various mediums.  All the students who are brilliant and are preparing for the NMMS exam are prepared for the exam by formulating various questions here.           Often there are also different types of videos that you can do better with exam preparation.
        Here are the questions asked in NNMS exam.  In the given questions you have to write about the children, trees, any other standing in the line by finding their place from one side or both sides.
     Here are the questions asked in NNMS exam.  The questions given are taken from the old question papers of NMMS.  Equation based questions are asked in the questions given here.  
      The answers to these questions can be solved by simple mathematical intellectual process. You have to do simple intellectual process and give correct answer.

 Benefits of Solving NMMS TEST

  Solving the past year papers help in knowing the pattern and syllabus including the important topics.

  NMMS Previous Year's papers can also be used to check the preparation level.  Students should solve these papers to know your strong and weak areas.

  Students should solve these NMMS question papers in the speculated time to check their calculation speed.  hence, solve as many question papers you can to improve your performance on the exam day.

  Solving this NMMS TEST SERIES the test make your aware of the high scoring sections.

  NMMS Preparation Tips

  NMMS syllabus includes the Class 7th & 8th syllabus of NCERT & State boards.  Divide the syllabus strategically so that you cover all topics and chapter one month before the exam date for the preparation of the exam.

  Students should focus on the weak topics more before moving to strong areas.  Work on your weak areas more.







  Cover the entire syllabus to get more marks in the examination as qualifying the exam is not the only criteria to get the scholarship.  Students should score good marks to get listed in merit candidates.

  Practice more NMMS question papers to make your preparation stronger.  These last years papers cover most of the important topics.

  Do not forget to revise the prepare syllabus.  The more you revise the better will be your chances to score high in NMMS.

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