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What will next year be like

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In Gujarat, Donation and Complete is considered as a fest of festival to lead. But it is a day to see the next year's visit to the tribal area in the Sabarkanti. 

    On today's day, God is flew and determined to do what the next year will be on the basis. The celebration of the tribal area gave God to the debris. 
     This tradition is going to be extinct the day. Today, he gave the devotion of God to all that he gave the devales to all the coming of God, who relaxed the God of God in the tribal area of the Adarsh Taluka. God sitting down the green deletion.
The festival of Uttarayan is celebrated in the Dholiya and Siyasan areas of Idar taluka of Sabarkantha according to the tradition of years.  Under which today the local tribal people caught the deity Chakli and worshiped him.  After feeding the sesame seeds and flying them in the open area, the god Chakli flies and sits on a green branch. Next year, along with good rains, they can be fruitful for everyone.

 If Dev Chakli sits on dry wood, next year will be considered without rain and ominous.

 However, if Dev Chakli sits on dry wood, next year is considered to be without rain as well as ominous.  Sitting on a green tree flying Dev Chakli today, it is believed that next year will be auspicious for the local area.

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     After that, the locals celebrate this day by eating sesame seeds, gol sig seeds, dates and dancing. However, Dev Chakli will be good next year.  
   Happiness is also seen in the people of the area.  This tradition is now disappearing day by day and the whole of North Gujarat is now limited to Vijayanagar in Sabarkantha.

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