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Matter of recovering teachers' salaries

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Teachers who accepted the option and took the salary earlier have to pay the salary recovery in a row.  Kutch District Primary Education Officer has issued a circular listing the names of teachers.  

All teachers who have previously taken higher salaries on the basis of option have to recover and re-submit their salaries.  The circular clarifies that all the teachers as per the given list have to pay compulsory recovery.  All teachers have to deposit money in this recovery government.
The Gujarat government is running a project called home learning so that school children can study in the Corona epidemic. 

 A project called Home Learning has been launched by the Government of Gujarat to make it easier for students to become students and acquire knowledge of all subjects when they cannot go to school or college due to the Corona epidemic.  



Under this project, the government has introduced a scheme under which students who do not come to school can take home-like education from home.  Schools and colleges have been closed for a long time during the Corona epidemic. Students cannot come to school.  At such a time, all the students of Gujarat government are always worried about education.  

A project called home learning has been launched by the government so that school children can get education even while staying at home.

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