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In Corona's situation, the school inspectors called the school principal and got various information from him.  From now on the school inspector will have to visit the school and evaluate the school.  The school time will be from 10 to 5 in the morning on the day the school inspector comes to the school to evaluate the school.

School time shall be kept from ten to five when the school inspector comes to the school to conduct academic external assessment to assess the academic non-attendance of the school-college students during the period of Corona.  A school inspector has been appointed to evaluate the efforts being made by the school college to impart education to the students and to evaluate the various activities carried out by the school.  A school inspector has been appointed by the government to evaluate students and school teachers.

  The academic achievement of the students is checked by the school inspector.  Various educational information provided by the teachers as well as the education is also checked.  The various efforts made by the school teachers to provide education when the school-colleges are closed have been evaluated.  The school inspector unit conducts various activities in the test school as well as academic and external evaluation.

 A circular has been issued to change the time of schools under Gunotsav 2.0.  The school time for which the school inspector is to visit will be from 10:30 am to 5 pm.  A recent circular issued by the government states that school hours will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. during the school inspector’s ceremony at the school when schools are closed in the Corona situation.

 Students who have a smartphone available can also get an education through YouTube.  Students who have smartphones available at home are getting education through YouTube.  Students with smartphones are provided with QR codes on textbooks issued by the government.  Students can scan QR codes and get educational information at home.

  Students who have smartphones available are getting education at home through DD Girnar through YouTube and also through QR code and Diksha portal.  According to the schedule of various programs issued by the government, students can easily get education at home by watching these educational programs.  Students are also trying to get education through an application called Diksha Portal.  Various trainings have also been organized by the government for the students.  Students are also getting self-defense training through the initiation portal at home.  

The government also broadcasts educational programs on a daily basis through YouTube so that students who cannot come to school can get the best education at home.  Students are learning through YouTube and home learning.  The government has also asked for arrangements for students who do not have access to television, mobile phone or any other medium. 

 Arrangements have been made by the teachers of the school so that the students who do not have any means of education can get the education of other students through various means.  The student can go to his neighbor or friend to get an education.  In the present situation, education is also being imparted to the students through street education by the teachers.

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 Daily home learning videos are uploaded on DD Girnar for all students studying in Std. 1 to 12.  All the students of Std. 1 to 12 are being imparted education through DD Girnar.  Educational videos are also being uploaded regularly on youtube and initiation portals so that all students can get education through home learning.
 The school will be evaluated by the school inspector taking into account all these conditions.

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