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According to the legend, the powerful king was Hiranyakashyap, he used to celebrate himself as God and wanted everyone to worship him like a god. While not following his father's orders, Hiranyakaship's son Prahlada refused to worship him and started worshiping Lord Vishnu in his place.

Angered by this, Hiranyakashyap gave many punishments to his son Prahlada which he was not impressed.

After this Hiranyakashyap and his sister Holika made a plan together that she would sit on the pyre with Prahlada. Holika had a cloth that after covering her, she did not suffer any kind of damage in the fire, on the other hand, Prahlada had nothing to protect himself. 

As soon as the fire burnt, the cloth flew over from Holika and went over Prahlada. Similarly, Prahlada's life was saved and Holika was burnt in the fire in his place. That is why the festival of Holi is celebrated as a symbol of the victory of good over evil.

On the day of Holika Dahan, a holy fire is lit in which all kinds of evil, egoism and negativity are lit. The next day, we greet our loved ones with colorful colors and enjoy the festival with dancing, songs and delicious dishes. Pink, yellow, green and red colors are strewn on the streets and people greet their friends and family at the festival.

Holi is celebrated in the month of Phagan. This year, the festival will be celebrated on March 29, 2021. According to the Hindu calendar, Holi is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Phagan. 

Itt is a major festival. Holika combustion takes place a day before the dusting. This day is worshiped. Then on a dusty day everyone celebrates a dusty festival by painting each other. There is going to be a special yoga on Holi this year called Dhruv Yoga. The moon will orbit in Virgo on this day. At the same time, Jupiter and Saturn will sit in Capricorn. Apart from this Venus and Sun will be in Pisces. 

Tauruss will have Mars and Rahu, Aquarius will have Mercury and Scorpio will have Ketu.

Various customs

Holi is a mirror to express the feelings of the folk in Indian society. Festivals like Holi play an important role in connecting the family to the society. According to customs and traditions, Holi is popular as 'Lattmar Holi' in Brajmandal of Uttar Pradesh, 'Phagwah' or 'Deol' in Assam, 'Dhol Poornima' in Bengal and 'Fagu' in Nepal country.

In the time of the Mughal Empire, preparations for Holi started many days in advance.  Evidence of playing Holi by the Mughals is found in many historical books.  Emperor Akbar, Humayun, Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Bahadur Shah Zafar were the emperors in whose time Holi was played with gaiety.



Implicit message

 Holi brings the message that there should be joy, love, satisfaction and divinity in life.  When a man experiences all this, a sense of celebration arises in his conscience, which makes life naturally colored.  The festival of colors also teaches that one should renounce the defects of work, anger, item, fascination and greed and concentrate in godly devotion.

 Mythological beliefs

 Holika Dahan, according to Hinduism, is performed mainly in memory of the devotee Prahlada.  Devotee Prahlada was born in the demon clan, but he was an exclusive devotee of Lord Narayana.  His father, Hiranyakashyap, did not like his devotion to God, so Hiranyakashyap tortured Prahlada in many ways. 

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