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Here are the automated forms for keeping track of grants received from government offices.

Here are 10 questions for students preparing for NMMS exam. You have to choose the option that differs from the ideal questions and tick the correct answer. There are four different words in the 10 questions given here for student friends preparing for NMMS exam. 

Out of these four words, you have to choose the word that is different and tick the word that is different. Make every effort to correct as many questions as possible. This test series will prove to be very useful for student friends preparing for the NMMS exam. 

Thee examination is conducted under the National Means cum Merit Scholarship Scheme and asks different questions from different departments. In the NMMS exam, queries have been asked from various sections like number series, wrong position of the series, series of English alphabets, series in a row. Apart from this, quizzes are also being asked from sub-sections.

"Educational programs will be telecast by Doordarshan DD Girnar, which includes all students from Std. 3 to 12," he said at Gandhinagar.  Apart from this, GCERT and Board of Secondary Education will also broadcast Std. 5 to 12 programs on Vande Gujarat Channel by Bayseg. What is this Home Learning Program? 

Under this Home Learning Program for students who do not have TV or mobile facility  The educational activity or worksheet prepared by GCERT for 8 which is printed by the district and distributed to the students in a timely manner by the teachers is also planned.  

At the same time the delivery of textbooks by teachers from house to house is also in progress and the local bodies of the district will have to make arrangements for the timely delivery of these books or educational materials to the students.  


Audio visual content can be viewed through mobile.  To ensure home learning program, the class teachers will contact the parents and students by phone and guide them to overcome the difficulties of the students. 

The education will be done by the Abhiyan office. Online education has also been organized by the government school teachers in the state.

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